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Author Topic: Out of the box: The Holy Spirit!  (Read 335 times)

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Out of the box: The Holy Spirit!
« on: Mon Apr 29, 2013 - 12:39:39 »
“The Holy Spirit!”

I love HIM  ::inlove::

Short Notes:

What is more out of the box than the Holy Spirit?

Think About It… No other faith on the planet has this gift from heaven! The third person of the Godhead… In evidence at the foundation of the world… Gen 1.2 Anointing kings/prophets from time to time in the OT… And evidence at the foundation of the world… Gen 1.2 Anointing kings/prophets from time to time in the OT… And being the premier force of God for the mission of the NT church… J14/16 A1/2 And we said, “Thank you very much,” put Him in our box… “now what?”

Let’s think OTB! He is the Gift of God: “Your Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask!” Lk11.13 In response to “teach us to pray… because we want the power from you that John gave his disciples…” John was a new order of prophet… But Jesus was greater still!

When you pray say, “Our Father, who art in heaven… Jesus gives them a “formula” of prayer, not a
“formed” prayer… The formula: Proclamation, worship, proper perspective, then personal needs,
clearing the way, surrender, trust… then perseverance and assurance… and the finale; “How much more
will the Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask?”

The Holy Spirit is the one who makes prayer intimate, accurate and powerful! How can we, who wants to, do without Him?

Holy Spirit ITB! Then Peter said, “repent and be baptized, every one of you in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and you will receive the Holy Spirit – for the promise is to you and your children and all that are far off even as many as the Lord our God calls! Acts2.38,39 And many that are called have received the Holy Spirit, generation after generation! He is the promise from God! So, we ask, What does He do? Seal of the future 2C1.22, 5.5 Eph 1.14, Spirit crying Abba…! R8.15,16 Not much else after that… That’s so in-the-box!

Holy Spirit ITB is not a new problem!

Acts 8.14:
14 The apostles in Jerusalem heard that the people of Samaria had accepted the word of God. So they sent Peter and John to the people in Samaria. 15 When Peter and John arrived, they prayed for the Samaritan believers to receive the Holy Spirit. 16 These people had been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, but the Holy Spirit had not yet come down on any of them. This is why Peter and John prayed. 17 When the two apostles laid their hands on the people, they received the Holy Spirit.

The entry of the Spirit for salvation and the outpouring of the Spirit are two different
things! And both are meant to be experienced outside the box for a lifetime!

Holy Spirit “Operations!” Fountain of life! Mt1.18, 20 Gen 1.2 Voice of God! MT10.20 Mk12.36 13.11 Lk1.41,42,67 12.12 2Pet1.21 The Director! Lk2.26,27 4.1 Acts 8.29,39 10.19 11.12 13.2-4 Rom8.14 Anointer! Lk3.22 4.18 Living Water! John7.39,39 Comforter! John 14/16 Acts 9.31 Power of God! Acts 1.8 Communicator! Acts 2.4Rom 8.26,27 1Cor 14.2 Promise! Acts 1.4 2.33 Gift of God! Acts 2.38 1Pet 1.12 Lk 11.13 Eph 1.33 1Th4.8 The Witness! Acts 5.3,32 Overseer (to overseers)! Acts20.28 Convicter! John 16.8-11 Sanctifier! Rom 15.16 2Th 2.13 Justifier! 1Cor 6.11 1Tim3.16 Teacher! 1Cor2.13 John 16.13,14 Landlord! 1Cor6.19 Gift Giver! 1Cor 12.4,8-11 Heb 2.4 Spirit of Truth! John 14.17 15.26 16.13 The Intercessor! Rom8.26,27 The open door to God! Eph 2.18 (a non-exhaustive listing)

Let’s think OTB! The Holy Spirit as the Comforter! “I am going away… but I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter that He may abide with you forever; He is the Spirit of Truth who you will know for He will dwell with you and be in you. The Comforter, who is the Holy Ghost, who the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring the things I have said to your minds. Because I have told you that I am leaving, your hearts are filled with sorrow but I am telling you that it is best that I go so that the Comforter will come… And when He is come He will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness and judgment… He will guide you into all truth, He will speak what He hears, He will show you things to come… John 14/16

The Comforter… There are many kinds… Pacifier’s/“Blankie’s” A rabbit’s foot/charms… Aromatherapies… White noises… Physical activity… Alcohol/drugs… Music… Sleep… Sharing… Many other faiths have comforters! Talisman’s/amulets carry/wear… Worry stones/crystals… Incense to burn/meditation… Idols to touch/pray to… Yoga/acupuncture for Chi… Kata’s for physical activity… Readings…

But none of them have a Comforter like ours! God, actively, pervasively, sitting down to talk with us at any time, anywhere on any topic! The very sound of His voice bringing everything into perspective and giving us assurance! Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit as our “Comforter!” The Comforter… The Spirit of God who loves to walk and talk with us, to ride along and reveal things to us… The One whose presence brings power to living, whose wisdom brings stability, whose voice gives direction…

Cultivate a personal relationship with Him… If I don’t have one, I am going to get one! And if I do have one, I am going to take it outside of the box! He isn’t a one time “thing!”

Anticipate a personal/living relationship with Him! Daily, I am going to engage Him in prayer Jude 20 Rom 8.26 Daily, as my Director/Companion! Lk2.27 4.1, Acts 8.29,39, 10.19, 11.12, 13.3,4 Rom8.14 Daily, I will look for you!

Live, outside the box, by my living relationship with Him… You tell me what I know/see/ feel! You give me the gifts necessary to meet the needs! You keep me focused on the mission you’ve been sent to help me fulfill!

The voice of the Spirit is the voice of the Living God and nothing really lives without Him! Let Him out of your boxed in faith if you want to live outside the box!

“The Holy Spirit for All!”

Think About It… Who can deny the truth that the “Holy Spirit” is totally outside the box of human experience! No other faith on earth has the Holy Spirit! From the beginning in Genesis to the empowering of the Church in the end… He is the power of God for us and that’s outside the box!

Think About It… “Your Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask!” Lk11.13 God’s Gift/church! The key to Jesus own success! The one who makes our connection intimate and accurate and power-filled! The Living, breathing, “Comforter” who was given to live in us, sit with us, talk with us and assure us!

Who is then, unfortunately, stowed away in the box as “another layer of comfort!” Saved people operating without the Holy Spirit activated are too commonplace! The Holy Spirit and our experience with Him is meant to be outside the box for life!

The Holy Spirit OTB! Fountain of life! Voice of God! The Director! Anointer! Living Water! Comforter! Power of God! Communicator! Promise! Gift of God! The Witness! Overseer! Convicter! Sanctifier! Justifier! Teacher! Landlord! Gift Giver! Spirit of Truth! The Intercessor! The open door to God…

Each attribute meant to be lived experimentally and experientially!

The Holy Spirit OTB! The Dove… purity, peace, beauty, harmlessness, innocence, gentleness! The Water… cleansing, refreshing, satisfaction, fullness! The Fire… purification, illumination, warmth, combustion (energizing)! The Wind… refreshing, power! The Wine… stimulating, exhilarating, rejoicing! The Oil… anointing, empowering, healing, illumination!

Each attribute meant to be lived experimentally and experientially!

The Holy Spirit OTB! He comes w/gifts & character goals! 1Cor12.8-11 Rom12.6-8 Revelation gifts; power gifts; speaking gifts; serving gifts! He comes w/a charger! Jude20 He comes w/strategies, knowing the mind of God and the condition of man! 1Cor14.2 Rom 8.27

Each attribute meant to be lived experimentally and experientially!

The Holy Spirit OTB! The One Jesus sent! J15.26,16.7 The Power of God but not merely a force or influence… personality/masculine pronoun! The Voice of God revealing what the unaided mind cannot discover, transmitting truth meant to inspire, incarnating the word like a 3d movie! The Director of God…

Each attribute meant to be lived experimentally and experientially!

The Holy Spirit is at work to bring us to the fullness of our destiny in God: transformation! Living the lifestyle of Jesus derived from our experience with the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit OTB as Director! Revealed by the HS that he would not see death; came by Him into the temple! Lk2.26,27 Led by Him into the… 4.1 The Spirit said to Philip… and caught him away Acts 8.29,39 He said to him, three men seek you! 10.19 He bade me to go 11.12 He said, separate them for the work… He sent them out 13.2-4 The Spirit leads the sons of God Rom8.14 You don’t have to worry about what you will say, He will speak thru you MT10.20 He will give you what you need to say in your time of need Mk 13.11 He will teach you Lk 12.12 David said by Him Mk12.36 She was filled and spoke out Lk 1.41,42 and he was filled and prophesied v67 The Spirit of Truth that the world cannot receive or know…but you will know Him because He will dwell in you and live with you! J14.17 and when He is come He will guide you into all truth, share with you the things He hears and show you things to come! 16.13
Who wants to even try to live this life without that Helper?!!!

I am going to set aside anything negative I have ever believed about the Holy Spirit! People may have misrepped Him but He is not weird! He is for me, today! I need Him to live in and out thru me!

I am going to engage Him daily! I am going to start my days praying in the HS! I will practice His presence until I find myself including Him in my momentary decisions! I am going to ask Him to give me a song in the night! Waking to worship in the morning!

If I don’t have a relationship I am going to ask, believing! “How much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask?” “Let him ask, nothing wavering!” It’s possible to believe and not have the fullness of the HS… But not me!

Think on these things:

“They prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit because as believers in Jesus He had not yet come on them…” Acts 8.15,16
“Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed? We have not heard of Him!” Acts 19.2
“Your Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask!” Lk11.13
“He is the promise of God unto you and your children and all that the Lord calls!” Acts 2.38,39

“While he was still speaking the Holy Spirit came on them who heard the word, and they heard them speaking in tongues, magnifying God!” Acts 10.44-46
“And when they prayed for them and laid hands on them they received the Holy Spirit.” Acts 8.15-17
The Holy Spirit is for all believers! A2.38,39 9/18
The Holy Spirit is given upon request! Lk11.13 Speaking mysteries to God, speaking as a mouthpiece for God,
 is an evidence... like power A11.38, gifts 1Cor 12 Rom 12.8, fruit and character Gal 5.22!

Awesome sermons:  ::clappingoverhead::

Part 1: The Holy Spirit!: http://www.life4square.com/audiomsg/outbox02.mp3
Part 2: The Holy Spirit!: http://www.life4square.com/audiomsg/outbox03.mp3

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Out of the box: The Holy Spirit!
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