Author Topic: A philosophical view of the "Three Little Pigs" story  (Read 488 times)

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A philosophical view of the "Three Little Pigs" story
« on: Sun Oct 16, 2022 - 21:23:21 »

Well, we all know the story about the "Three Little Pigs" and how the "Big Bad Wolf" blew their houses down, with the exception to the last one, the one that was built of bricks. 

Well, there is a philosophical, spiritual side of that story, which might make it into a parable. 

We have three little pigs, one was not wise but a bit lazy, who hurried along and built a flimsy house that did not stand up to "wolf wind".  The second was no wise either, and built his house out of sticks, which did not stand up to wolf wind either,   But the third little pig took his time, built a house made of bricks, must of had a firm foundation too.  It must of taken him a lot longer to build, but in the end, it was worth the effort.  It DID stand up to wolf wind, and survived. 

In life, there are many people who take the easy way, the shortcuts.  They drop out of school and accept any job that comes by, but by not being prepared, many challenges, a lot of financial problems will come and make life a disaster, some will look to peddling drugs, and end up either in prison or in the grave.  These people can portray the first two pigs who built their homes out of straw and sticks (wood, hay, and stumble). 

There are others who will prepare themselves for life.  Finish high school, go on to college, start a career and form a family.  Sure, the wolf wind will come but they will survive, their lives will stand up to the challenges. 

There are those who will look at this world as a fleeting period of time, and prepare themselves for the future, for the World to Come, for eternity.  They will recognize our LORD and Savior who died for their sins, and reward them with eternal life in heaven.  They have stored up, gold, silver, and precious stones (gold bricks?) 

These are the third little pig, who withstood the wolf wind.  Yeshua/Jesus conquered the wolf on the Cross of Calvary, so bring on the wolf wind, it will not knock you down, not if you are prepared. 

(This parable just came to me about 30 minutes ago, out of nowhere) 

Ben Avraham

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Re: A philosophical view of the "Three Little Pigs" story
« Reply #1 on: Sun Oct 16, 2022 - 21:58:39 »
Very nice  ::smile::