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Author Topic: An open letter to President Obama.  (Read 395 times)

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An open letter to President Obama.
« on: Thu Feb 02, 2012 - 11:01:58 »
To anyone who monitors this forum. If you feel this open letter is to offensive, please remove it.

An open letter to President Obama.

I was pouring myself a cup of coffee this morning when I heard Mr. Obama on TV. giving a personal testimony about going to the Mountain and praying with Billy Graham. You explained how you fell to your knees, were humbled, and how you ask God daily for His guidance. You mentioned Christ, Billy Graham, falling to your knees, being humbled, praying for guidance, etc.

The first thing that struck me funny was, you had to read from a monitor your testimony of faith. But no big deal. OK, I believe you. Because you claim to worship God, lets test your words, against your past actions, and accomplishments.

I am going to paraphrase,

John 15:5, Jesus said, If you (Obama,) abideth in me (the Lord,) and I in you, you shall  bring forth much fruit: for without me you can do nothing." Ver.7-8, "If you (Obama)  abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified that you bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.

Lets compare this with,

Luke 6:44, Again I will paraphrase.  Every fruit bearing tree is known by its own fruit, both yours and mine. Men do not gather figs among thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush.

Ver.45. A good man, one in Christ Jesus, will from his heart, bring forth good treasure; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth evil things.

So I ask myself as a Christian man several questions about the faith you claim to have proclaimed.

1. You claim to be abiding in Christ? and if so,
2. Are the fruits your bearing for us, as the President of the United States, good fruit, or evil fruit?
3. You claiming to be in Christ Jesus, so is the fruit you bring forth glorifying His Father in heaven?
4. And because we will all be know by the fruit we bear, which of the two, good, or bad fruit have you producing so far in your three years in office?

Your words, and actions have/will influence many, drawing them to Jesus Christ, or to be cut away from the tree that bore them. 

2 Tim.2:15, We are all to "Study to shew (ourselves) approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed."

So lets test your fruit. Now I do not claim to know your heart, so my determinations will be based upon the the things I have seen, and heard you speak in the three years as President of the United States.

You seem to care about people. You seem to be a good husband to your wife, and a loving father to your children. It appears that your dedicated to your work as President, and loyal to those who support you, and your policies. These are all good fruits according to the Scriptures.

But, you support gay marriage. Now don't get me wrong, I believe in equality for all men, its in our constitution. But how does the God you claim to worship, feel about this matter? These are the inspired words of God, not mine.

Rom.1:27,  "Men (males) leaving the natural use of the woman (females,) burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly (shameful,) and receiving in themselves that recompence (penalty) of their error which was due."

Ver.28, "They did not like to retain God in their knowledge." Ver.32, "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things (sodomy) are worthy of death."  And those who have PLEASURE in them will suffer the same death.

The Greek for pleasure means to approve, to assent to, to consent.

Of course, we can't go around killing anyone for the things they practice; but on the other hand, we can't overturn God's Holy writ, either. Here is where the problem is, and where the fork of God's word divides us.

To make legal, and support the marriage of two men, or two women is to put your finger in the face of God, and to turn your back on the Christian community.

Gen.5:2, "Male and female created He (God) them; and blessed them." A man and a woman are commanded by their Creator to be fruitful and multiply, meaning to have children.

2. You also support abortion. Abortion is the murder of the helpless. A woman's choice ends with the decision to becoming pregnant, or not to become pregnant. The blood of every child shall stain forever the hands of those who provide, and support these atrocious acts. The voices of these innocent victims cries out from the ground, each crying out to God for revenge.

Abortion has made the womb of a woman the most dangerous place to be in America. Not sure what the number of children who have been aborted is, but it should be pushing 50 or 60 million.

Your the President, so I ask you, "is this the fruit you will be judged by God for?" 

You seem to be pushing the abortion agenda down the throats of the Christian community, that same people you claim to be part of; abortion, a thing God hates.

In your three years as President, I have seen no effort to reinstate the teaching of the Bible in our public schools. But on the other side of the coin, I have witnessed those who you have appointed, and support widen the gap, taking advantage of the mens laws to bring to court, children, and their parents for praying in school, for mentioning God's name, or the name of Jesus Christ, or to thank God for his blessings, or bringing a Bible into school; or to display the cross; or quote a verse from the Bible in public buildings, or public lands, etc.

It would take a week to put on paper every act that the Christian community has had to deal with at the hands of every atheists, gays, and liberal dictators. Yet you claim to be a Christian.

I will stop here, this is how I feel about your words this morning. If you had not said them, I would not have written anything. But their seems to be an emptyness in them. You seem sincere, but your fruit seem to have a tainted look to it, and has a taste of sourness to it.

With all due respect to the office of the President of our United States.

Phil LaSpino  www.seekfirstwisdom.com

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An open letter to President Obama.
« on: Thu Feb 02, 2012 - 11:01:58 »

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Re: An open letter to President Obama.
« Reply #1 on: Mon Feb 06, 2012 - 03:28:57 »
Did you want us all to sign, or will you just send it on behalf of 'Christian Focums, Christian Political Forum.' I'm not sure my signature will be much help to you coming from New Zealand. But good luck anyway.

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Re: An open letter to President Obama.
« Reply #1 on: Mon Feb 06, 2012 - 03:28:57 »