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Author Topic: California’s state gov't is wholly against anyone professing to be a Christian  (Read 212 times)

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I just earlier watched this floor debate regarding Bill AB-2943, which bans what they call the fraudulent business practice of SOCE (Sexual Orientation Change Efforts). The title of the video as well as the "Show More" description of it is incorrect, as the author of the bill emphatically states several times that the sale of books and the engaging in free speech concerning sexual orientation are not banned in the bill. He is seeking to ban only the business transaction for any service that has as its goal the effort to change a person's orientation.

Having said that, I have zero doubt that this bill is only the start to an eventual ban on literature and free speech that is anti-LGBTQ.


The author admitted he is introducing this bill because of the pain he suffered from the efforts of others wanting him to change his orientation. His illogical conclusion, therefore, is that since it was a bad experience for him, it has to be for everybody else. Thus, he wants to make it illegal for anybody to try and make money from such efforts, including counseling. Unfortunately, a person who is suffering from gender dysphoria, who may want such services, will be banned from seeking for that help in the state of California.

The silver lining, however, is that such services, if they are offered for free, will still be legal. The author is just seeking for a ban on the exchange of money for SOCE. Assemblymember Evan Low is not very thoughty, as my grandmother would say.

For those of you who decide to watch the entire 21 minute video, you will strongly appreciate what Assemblymember James Gallagher had to say. ::preachit::

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