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Author Topic: They threaten, but we fear not.  (Read 486 times)

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They threaten, but we fear not.
« on: Wed Feb 08, 2012 - 17:18:30 »
I would like to paraphrase an event that was of Biblical proportions. Goliath, a giant of a man, power, strength, and mighty words he billowed against the church. But from the ranks came a young lad named David. Goliath cursed the youth, and said, "Come to me, and I will give your flesh unto the beasts of the earth."

And David said to the giant, "You come to me with words, threatenings and the things of your own hands. This day will our LORD deliver you into our hands, and you will fall, and your image will fall, and your office will be given to another, as will those who follow after you."

We may have begun to witnessed the tip of the iceberg. What we see above the water, is only a small part of what looms below the surface. We Christian's are about to be mandated by Obama's not so Democratic, liberal think-tank. When this elected officer begins to believe that he can order the Christian mind to do what is wrong in the eyes of our God; its time to remove this man from office, and all those who agree with him, before its to late.

Mandating the Church to be a provider of abortion. The killing machine that has taken over 60,000,000 lives, yet they want more blood.

I have written several articles warning Christian's not to vote for any man, in either the primaries, or the national election, and I mean any man who will NOT heed the voice of Jehovah God. These men do not know God, nor do they fear him. Open your Bible, examine the words, examine the warning signs.

This is the beginning of Satan's takeover of Christian America. Fear, and threats will be his weapons of choice.

Matt.10:28, "Fear not them who kill the body, fear him (God) which is able to  destroy both soul and body in hell."

Dan.3, I will paraphrase. The people were told, when you hear the stridulation of insect sounds coming from our leaders in Washington D.C. they demanding we fall down and worship their golden image, my reply is "Nuts to you." They will threaten and posture threatenings, upon any and all who will not worship their golden image. An image paid for, and fashioned from the bodies and souls of every aborted child in America.

Well Mr. President, you can start with me. I don't fear your machine, nor will I bow my knee to it. My eyes and ears are on Jesus Christ, and not your mandates.  There are other Christians among this holy people who will shout from the highest mountains, "Mr. President, we will not serve your gods, nor will we worship your image."

Here we are 2012 AD, and we see the footprints of the beast, descending upon what he believes to be an easy pray. He does not know the power of our God. He believes he is building a tower to reach heaven, not understanding that his own building blocks will soon become stumbling blocks before him.

1 K.18:21, Again, I will paraphrase, "And a warning went out to all the people from God, and He asked, "How long will you falter between two opinions? If the LORD Jesus Christ is your God, follow Him: But if the words of men be your god, follow them."

And the people answered not a word. How will you answer this threat? What is your response? will it be fear, or will you stand in the power of the Holy Spirit?

Phil LaSpino   www.seekfirstwisdom.com

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They threaten, but we fear not.
« on: Wed Feb 08, 2012 - 17:18:30 »

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Re: They threaten, but we fear not.
« Reply #1 on: Sun Feb 19, 2012 - 17:37:42 »
That is a very insightful perspective but it doesn't go as far as it needs to. We have before us the seeds of a fnancial system that will be used to require all of us to recieve the mark of the beast being orchestrated by the bankers of the Federal Reserve and other international bankers.

We have a destructive war machine that causes christians to kill each other (and others) in this fallen world system that our bible tells us is ruled by the principalities and powers of the air until the fullness of the Gentiles is complete. This runs counter to all the teachings in the bible except for our right to defend ourselves and our families. But that doesn't mean we have any right according to our bible and the teachings of Christ to go into another country and kill them.

Our God authored for us freedom. Our founding fathers were mostly devout men whether we would call them Christians today or not. They understood that freedom comes from God yet we keep electing those who take freedom away from us every day, and with every new law they pass.

We have an organization that was orginally set up specifically to some day become a one world government- The United Nations. We know from scripture that the antichrist will emerge out of a one world government and we also know that our Lord hates the idea of man in this fallen world system to form a one world government.
Yet, Christians today keep voting for president, congressmen and sanators who would keep us in the UN and worse--go around the world killing people for the UN like we did in Iraq, Korea, and Vietnam along with other conflicts sanctioned by the UN.

Abortion, gay rights, drugs, Islamic terrorism, government health care, etc. are not the only issues that CHristians should be concerned about but your article is a start nonetheless is raising awareness of the times we're in

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Re: They threaten, but we fear not.
« Reply #1 on: Sun Feb 19, 2012 - 17:37:42 »