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Author Topic: THE CHRISTIAN TRUTH TEST?  (Read 4 times)

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« on: Yesterday at 11:39:08 PM »

Do you have the faith
in what you believe
to take the Christian
truth challenge?

Are you born of God
or have you been deceived
by the devil and his children
into believing you are born of God?

This is my challenge to you
the Christian bible believer.

Can you answer the questions
I put forth to you
without me finding any errors
within your answers or what you
believe as the truth?

If you are born of God
and have the indwelling
of His Holy Spirit
within you as all Christians
make claim to be the truth
you will easily be able to
pass this test.

But...if you are not born God
and have not the indwelling
of God's Holy Spirit
within you?

It will be very obvious
you do not know God or His truth
and have been deceived by the spirits
of this world.

You do not have
to sign up to post on
this forum.

There will be no banning or deleting
like they do everywhere else
to keep you from knowing the truth.

If you accept my challenge
sign up or post as a guest
if you have the courage and the faith
in what you believe as the truth
to take ...


The purpose of this is to show you that
you have been deceived and is living
in the lies and myths of the
spirits of this world.


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