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Author Topic: Trump isn't the first OR the worst ... rated PG 13  (Read 138 times)

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Trump isn't the first OR the worst ... rated PG 13
« on: Sat Jan 27, 2018 - 09:28:50 »
I subscribe to Trivia today and yesterday they sent a 5 question blog....

They say to share on Facebook and Twitter but their link does not link to this page so I copied and pasted.

5 Trivia Questions about Presidential Sex Scandals
 January 26, 2018     

On January 26th, 1998, President Bill Clinton publicly denied having "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  See how much you know about this and a few other presidential sex scandals in our nation's history...


What color was Monica Lewinsky's infamous dress?

 #1  The Lewinsky scandal was a political sex scandal emerging in 1998, from a sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and a 22-year-old White House employee, Monica Lewinsky. A semen stain on the blue GAP dress was used as evidence to link Clinton to the affair with Lewinsky during his presidency. The blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky became an important piece of of physical evidence confirming Bill Clinton's sexual relationship with Lewinsky. Lewinsky received transactional immunity in exchange for grand jury testimony concerning her relationship with Clinton. She also turned over the semen-stained blue dress (that Linda Tripp had encouraged her to save without dry cleaning) to the Starr investigators, thereby providing unambiguous DNA evidence that could prove the relationship despite Clinton's official denials.

#2. What President Married a Woman Who Was Already Married?

When Andrew Jackson met his future wife Rachel, she was just coming out of an abusive relationship. But due to the custom of the time, she could not initiate a divorce. Her husband eventually would end their legal union, but the two were technically still wed when she married Jackson. Of course, accusing Rachel of adultery would seem unfair, considering that she was in a destructive relationship she couldn't get out of. But if you think that would have stopped Jackson's opponents in his presidential election, then you don't know politics. Rachel was dragged through the mud and criticized for being a bigamist and an adulterer. Soon after her husband won the election, Rachel died of a heart attack.


According to His Biographer, What President Claimed He "had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose?"
#3  Clinton is currently the head of the Clinton Foundation. Well, we should clarify that technically depends on what your definition of the word is is. Lyndon Johnson had a reputation for waving his umm... other "Johnson" around a lot. He would urinate in front of other people in non-bathroom locations, once responded to a journalist who asked about US involvement in Vietnam by taking it out, and he supposedly used to skinny dip with world leaders as an opportunity to set the stage for negotiations by showing off his previously private part.

And most seem to agree he also had a rampant slew of affairs. And when we say most, we're including Johnson himself. According to Johnson biographer Robert Dallek, "Feelings of emptiness spurred [Johnson] to eat, drink, and smoke to excess. Sexual conquests also helped to fill the void. He was a competitive womanizer. When people mentioned Kennedy's many affairs, Johnson would bang the table and declare that he had more women by accident than Kennedy ever had on purpose." We're not sure how you accidentally have sex with a woman, but based on Dallek's other LBJ stories, we're not going to question him.

#4. How Did Grover Cleveland Handle a Woman Who Claimed He Had Fathered Her Child?

In Cleveland's defense, he's the only guy on this list who wasn't married at the time of his alleged sex scandal. However that's about the only thing you can say in his defense. When Maria Halpin accused Grover Cleveland of being the illegitimate father to her child, Cleveland realized this could be bad news for his political aspirations. So he decided to bury the story. He got his supposed son put in an orphanage and had Halpin put in the Providence Lunatic Asylum. Cleveland would go on to have a successful career as a politician, being twice elected President. Like most immoral elected officials, he ran on a platform trumpeting how good and ethical a politician he was.
Judith Exner Testified to the CIA That, While the Two Were Having an Affair, JFK Had Her Deliver Messages to Whom?

 #5 We really hope these are the envelopes he used. We're probably not breaking news to say that a lot of people are rumored to have had "sexual relations" with John F. Kennedy. Obviously, Marilyn Monroe gets the most press. But another alleged partner was Judith Exner, who testified to the CIA that, in addition to having an affair with her, Kennedy was also having her run envelopes back and forth with Sam Flood. Or, as he's perhaps better known, Sam Giancana, Chicago mob boss.

You know you've had a lot of affairs when the one involving exchanging envelopes between the president and the mob boss isn't even the one people remember.

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Trump isn't the first OR the worst ... rated PG 13
« on: Sat Jan 27, 2018 - 09:28:50 »