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Author Topic: 10,000 miles of highway  (Read 1195 times)

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10,000 miles of highway
« on: Thu May 06, 2004 - 09:05:31 »
To all,
In the morning Mary and I shall depart on our greatest adventure!
Day   Date   Overnight
Fri  7-May    Salina, UT
Sat 8-May   Lakewood, CO
Sun  9-May  GardenCity, KS
Mon 10-May  Gardner, KS
Tue 11-May  Centralia, MO
Wed 12-May  South Holland, IL
Thu  13-May  Louisville, OH
Sat  15-May  Grand Island, NY
Sun  16-May  Beaver Dams, NY
Mon  17-May  E. Berwick, ME
Tue 18-May Viewtown, VA
Wed  19-May  Woodleaf, NC
  Here be graduation/golf/visiting
Tue  1-Jun  Rock Hill, SC
Sat  5-Jun  Aiken, SC
Mon  7-Jun  Hendersonville, NC
Thu  10-Jun  Murfreesboro, TN
Sat  12-Jun  Florence, AL
Mon  14-Jun  Joplin, MO
Wed  16-Jun  Eufaula, OK
Fri  18-Jun  OKCity, OK
Sat  19-Jun  DFW
Thu  24-Jun  WestMonroe, LA
Fri  25-Jun  Temple, TX
Wed  30-Jun  Austin, TX
Fri  2-Jul  Bryan, TX
Sat  3-Jul  Houstin, TX
Tue  6-Jul  San Antonio, TX
Fri  9-Jul  Abilene, TX
Sat  17-Jul  Lubbock, TX
Sun  18-Jul  Alamogordo, NM
Tue  20-Jul  Monument, CO
Thu  22-Jul  Denver, CO
Wed  28-Jul  BuenaVista, CO
Thu  29-Jul  Durango, CO
Fri  30-Jul  Salina, UT
Sat  31-Jul  HOME -- at last!!!
If I haven't already contacted you about this and you are near one of our stops AND want to see us, send me an Email and we will see what we can work out.
Please pray for us as we cover 10,000 miles of the most dangerous place on Earth -- the US highway!
We will be keeping up with correspondance/lists while gone -- probably not every night but certainly three/four times a week, so be patient is you want/need some kind of reply.
Dan Smith
Sparks, NV
775-250-2345 (Cell phone)
[a href=\"mailto:dufrdan@opexonline.com\"]dufrdan@opexonline.com[/a]
Unconditional submission to some earthly leader has
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Claims by a group to be the sole repository of or channel for
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Inquisition to denominational rivalry to personal arrogance.
      Shelly/Harris:  The 2nd Incarnation

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10,000 miles of highway
« on: Thu May 06, 2004 - 09:05:31 »