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My Testimony
« on: Wed Dec 07, 2022 - 11:26:52 »
I was not born into a Christian family. Instead, I was born into a Taoist family. Yet from a young age, I had been searching for God. Not knowing where He came from, I often prayed to what I called, the unknown God.

At the age of 11, my aunt invited me to church. The skit was on the birth of Jesus, and somehow, that skit resonated with my heart and gave me a warm feeling although I had no idea who Jesus is.

During my secondary school days, I was extremely rebellious. I disobeyed my parents and prayed to Satan, although I still somehow believe in my unknown God. When I was caught for stealing a CD from a music store, I prayed to God for protection and because He did protect me, I stopped praying to Satan, It was around this time that my aunt gave me a children's bible and somehow, the God in that bible matched my perception of who my unknown God is, and my search for Him was narrowed down to three religions-- Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I prayed to God to reveal to me which of these three religions He came from.

By the time I reached my Junior College years, I was 99.99% sure that God came from the Christian religion. Still, I did not want to accept Jesus while the rest of my family are going to hell. God has His own plans for me, however. On the second year of my Junior College, one of my friends was considering becoming a Christian. Knowing me to be a non-Christian and therefore could offer her an unbias opinion, she sought my advise. I told her to go ahead to be a Christian because I was 99.99% sure that the Christian God is the real one. She took my advise and became a Christian. Not only that, she actually brought the one who converted her to be a Christian to me. That gal who converted my friend to be a Christian convinced me to be a Christian by telling me how my family might actually one day go to heaven and not ended up in hell if I prayed to Jesus. I accepted Jesus into my life and never regretted my choice.

Although my family are still not Christians as of this writing, I had grown to love God and Jesus and Holy Spirit so much that even if they never become Christians and ended up in hell, I will still follow Jesus. This is my testimony, and I dedicate this testimony and this blog to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May everything in my life be for His glory.