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Prayer Request
« on: Fri Sep 13, 2019 - 11:42:16 »
If it's alright, I'd like to ask for prayers for me and my little one. I've had a run of bad luck lately and it just seems to keep piling on. I can't get out of this rut. Normally, things are fine. Breaking even on everything, even with visits to the hospital. Lately, that's not the case. I've been searching for a job, whether online or locally, for months now and had no luck. This has caused me to fall behind on bills. It wasn't a huge issue at first, I'm able to be a month behind on a few bills and just pay my balance forward. easy enough. But with late fees piling up, I can no longer afford to do even that. Most of my bills are due today. If I don't get the electric/utility bill paid, or at least the late fees and balance forward, my power will be shut off. With no job and not enough income from my little ones child support to even cover all my normal bills, power cut off means getting evicted from our apartment, because I can't afford to pay the bill AND have it turned back on. Can't afford either at this point, really. I'm also behind on my phone/internet bill. Because there are only plans that allow bundling, I can't ditch one and just HAVE one. It has to be a more expensive bundle or I have no phone at all. I CAN'T fall behind on this one because it IS instantly cut off. Thankfully the bill isn't due until the 15th, but after paying what I COULD on my electric bill, though it wasn't enough, I have no way to pay the phone bill. Even beyond all that mess, I'm unable to even get basic necessities. Hygiene items (TP, pads, trash bags), food, all a big nope. I've looked into SOME suggestions from others, churches and food banks, and had no luck. The church nearest to us that we could walk to, which is also the food bank/pantry, hasn't been able to help ANYONE for a while now, due to no donations coming in and people who don't NEED help taking advantage of what was there before. If you drive a jacked up, chromed up truck and have gold chains around your neck, you don't need to be at a Food Bank, just my opinion on that. Food wise, SNAP benefits for my little guy don't come in until the 17th, so that doesn't really help us right now. As far as family goes, we aren't in contact after a fallout a little over 2 years ago, so I can't ask them for help. Friends, the few I have, haven't been able to help either. It's starting to feel like no matter what I do, I CAN'T get out of this. I've been doing my best, but I feel like a bad parent, not being able to provide for my child. I know that rough patches in life are unavoidable, but that doesn't change how I feel. I appreciate any and all prayers, or even advice/kind words. Everything is very much appreciated.

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Prayer Request
« on: Fri Sep 13, 2019 - 11:42:16 »

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Re: Prayer Request
« Reply #1 on: Fri Sep 13, 2019 - 12:24:35 »
Do you get child benefit from the dad? If you do see if you can get that raised. If you don't then persue it as he should be helping to make sure that his child isn't in this position.

Its not a nice position to be in, I was a single mum of three for 6 years and was very hard up. Does your govt not give help with food stamps etc? In the UK they are not allowed to cut off power if there is a small child in the house. Maybe you could explain that you have a small child and see what they say.
Also try another church/foodbank, and this may be a good time to reach out to family again.
Is there anything you can cut down on? Do you get takeaways, smoke, drink? Maybe stop those things and anything else that isn't essential. 
Do you have a church yourself? If you do then ask them for support, that's what church families should do, help those in need.   

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Re: Prayer Request
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Re: Prayer Request
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