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« Reply #35 on: Sun May 12, 2019 - 19:59:37 »
The psalmist said that the universe shows forth the Glory of God. If it had not been created, the expression of God's power and glory would have remained only potential. Imagine someone with the genius to become the greatest artist that the world has ever seen, but who in fact never picked up a brush. His artistic ability would remain only as a potential. It would never become reality and the person (though able to be a great artist) would never in actual fact be an artist: his genius would never be manifested.
In any talk of the universe, the question of whether there are other human-like beings elsewhere is often raised. Most people assume that there are such beings, but not all agree. Two books taking an opposite view are "Privileged Planet" by G. Gonzalez and J. Richards and "Destiny and Chance Revisited" (An update on the earlier "Destiny and Chance") by S. R. Taylor. The authors of the first are Christians, although the force of their argument is scientific, while Taylor seems to be an atheist. Nevertheless, both reach similar conclusions - that intelligent life might be confined to Earth. Our planet is very unusual in many ways and all of these seem to be important to life. Furthermore, the Sun orbits the center of our galaxy in a very unusual place. Our galaxy belongs to a type known as "spiral" and consists of several spiral arms filled with stars but with sparse regions in between. As violent events take place in these arms, they are thought to be unsuitable for life. Even whilst passing through them, life on any planet would be in danger. Also the central region of the galaxy is similarly dangerous. The Sun (together with Earth of course) orbits between two spiral arms but, unlike most stars, remains at a special region where its speed matches that of the arms themselves. Because of this, it moves in sync with the arms and never crosses them, thereby avoiding exposure to the violent events within the arms! About half of the galaxies are spirals of the same type as our own (around 70% are actually spirals, but some of these have weak spiral arms and the regions between them are not so sparse, making them more dangerous for life. These are known as "flocullent  spirals because they look fluffy or woolly in photographs taken with large telescopes). But most are smaller than ours and many are not so life-friendly.
Some Christians object to the idea that God may not have filled the universe beings like us, but the universe is a wonderful expression of his power whether there are "aliens" or not and his love is equally displayed in his dealings with just one race as many. 

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Awww, c’mon 4WD, play fair now.  You know very well that the “point or two” that RB disagrees with is the one you brought up with Preterist views in it. 

Actually, I really do sympathize with RB’s aversion to Preterism.  RB was not treated very well by the crazy philandering pastor we once sat under as fellow church members with young families. I left that church after 16 years before I heard that pastor teach anything at all out of Revelation.  So nothing of what I post online except maybe a few Preterist points from Daniel is a reflection of what I heard him teach while I was there.

I think RB tried to reason with him against some of the basic Preterist teaching that he must have begun preaching after I left, which was not appreciated or received well by that power-hungry individual.

So in spite of our differences on Preterism, RB and I can still maintain some respect for each other’s position, since we both escaped the clutches of that cult-like environment, by God’s mercy.
Hey, I respect RB's positions.  I just think he is wrong on some of them.