Author Topic: I encourage you brothers and sisters.  (Read 1374 times)

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I encourage you brothers and sisters.
« on: Fri Feb 13, 2009 - 01:46:02 »
Lean not into temptation.  Even though it is all around.  I ask you to lean upon the everlasting arms of JESUS.  We must understand that although there are those, even on this forum that call us names because we do not follow their faith.  We must stay strong.  Remember "The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want."  Because HE is our Shepherd, Our Guide.  We want for nothing.  you may say, I need food, well trust the LORD HE will provide.  I have seen this happen countless times.  You may say, "Well so and so insulted me because I am not part of "the church", I say phooey on those that say you are not part of the church.  The church does not have a denomination.  It is not catholic, Church of the Brethren, CoC, Baptist etc.  The Church is the family of Believers.  I am a part of that family, are you?  When JESUS died for our sin's it was not only for my sins or your sin's.  It was for the sin of everyman. 

Think hard when you read this next part.  For I have no training whatsoever.  including

We here are Protestants.  From what I understand we got that title because Luther and our forfathers protested the Catholic Church's teaching's.   I will not go more into that for I fear that I will be removed for speaking my mind on the subject.  But I will say that I can still be considered a protestant for the same reason. 

GOD told us not to rely on man's traditions, yet many churches (even in the protestant realm) do this.  They set traditions so they can pick and choose their members.  Yet JESUS was not like that.  HE supped with Tax Collectors, HE cleansed the leapers, HE hung out with those that the Phar. and Sad. felt were not right for their church.  Again man made traditions led those people, not GOD's words.

But Bill, how can you claim to be Born-Again, you watch scary movies?  I am Born-Again and that does not mean I am not a sinner.  Scary Movies are my vice, some smoke, some drink, I watch scary bloody movies.

But Bill I tried to tell someone they must be saved gently like JESUS said to, and they walked away.  Do not give up, you planted a seed, now you must water said seed in these people.  Do not force it down their throat or you may lose them forever.

I apologize for being on my  ::preachit:: (closest I can come to a soapbox) 

I wanted you to all keep up the good fight.  And to let you all know that I love you with the love of CHRIST.  The only Mediator to GOD,  The only way to Heaven.   GOD Bless you all.


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Re: I encourage you brothers and sisters.
« Reply #1 on: Sun Feb 15, 2009 - 17:36:09 »
 ::smile::Very nice post, my brother in Christ....

your friend,


And I didn't mind you being on a  ::preachit::I liked it! You rock!!!