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Title: Sabbaths' Feast of Christ Home Assemblies Reformed Protestant Faith
Post by: Gerhard Ebersöhn on Tue Apr 30, 2019 - 06:25:54
Confession of Faith
I believe in God, the Almighty, Father, Creator
of heavens and earth,
and in Jesus Christ his only-begotten Son, our Lord,
conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary,
who under Pontius Pilate suffered and was crucified,
who descended into hell, died and was buried
and on the third day according to the Scriptures rose
from the dead,
who ascended to heaven and sits on the right hand of
the power of God,
hence He shall come to judge the living and the dead,
I believe in the Holy Spirit;
I believe one Christian Church of the elect,
the holy communion of believers,
the forgiveness of sin, the everlasting life and the resurrection,
in the glorified body of flesh.

I believe the Scriptures, the true, only and closed canon
of authority for and in the faith, doctrine and living.
God speaks in the Scriptures
through his Spirit in the Congregation
of the Son in Whom we have life.

The Election of God :
The reconciliation and justification in Jesus Christ of those
according to God’s Eternal Predestination and Purpose
in Covenant of Grace elected and
in the Baptism of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit
sealed and attested in regeneration and sanctification
of repentance and conversion, of redemption from sin, and
of growth and perseverance in faith.

The Lord’s Supper of bread, wine and the washing of feet,
as through faith partaking of Jesus Christ, of his body and of his blood, his Salvation proclaiming and Return expecting.
The Lord’s Day
the Sabbath of the Lord thy God,
for God concerning the Seventh Day thus spoke,
and God on the Seventh Day from all his works rested
according to the working of the exceeding greatness
of his mighty power which He wrought in Christ
when He raised Him from the dead
and finished all his works He had made
to reign, the King, for ever and ever.

Sabbaths’ Feast of Christ Home Assemblies Reformed Protestant Faith

To joy in the Fellowship of Christians persuaded by God of the sanctity of the Seventh Day Sabbath of the LORD your God for to be the Lord Jesus’ Day of Worship-Rest.
The urgency of Sabbaths’ celebration for the Christian Faith and Church, springs from the knowledge of the energy of God’s operation in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Ephesians 1:17-23.

The Sabbath, its engagement and enjoyment, are grounded in Divine Election and Predestination and realised in the “Gospel of God concerning His Son Jesus Christ our Lord”, whom God the Father “Declared the Son of God with Power according to the Spirit of Holiness by resurrection from the dead:— by Whom we have received Grace for the obedience of the Faith for His Name among all nations, among whom are ye also the called of Jesus Christ, to the end ye may be established and comforted by the mutual faith in the Gospel of His Son.” Romans 1:1...12.

Therefore we remember and celebrate “The Lord’s Day”, Sabbaths’ Eating and Drinking of the Lord’s Feast, holding to the Head Nourishment being ministered, growing with the growth of God, proclaiming Jesus Christ Raised from the dead. (Col2:12-19)
“Where two or three are gathered together
in My Name, there I am in the midst of them.”
We are not a ‘church’ – new, or, another!
We do not take money or favours!
We don’t have nor desire an ‘earthly tabernacle’ to worship!
We do not want ‘growth’ in numbers!
We do not ‘count the nation’ or record attendance!
We do not baptise!
We do not convert!
We are few, and will stay few.
We believe because God had given us faith first.
We love because God first loved us.
We love the Fellowship of Christ, and in Christ.
We love the Name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We love the fear of God and His Word Proclaimed.
We love the pure Gospel of God’s free Grace. 
We love the knowledge and increase in the knowledge of Christ.
We are not ashamed of, nor let ourselves be judged with regard to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Ro1:16, Col2:16)
Therefore we remember and celebrate “The Lord’s Day” Sabbaths’ Eating and Drinking of the Lord’s Feast, holding to the Head, Nourishment being ministered, growing with the growth of God, proclaiming Jesus Christ Raised from the dead. (Col2:12-19)
“For this cause we do not cease to pray that ye might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.” (Col1:9)
‘Singing in our heart to the Lord’, we ‘sing with the spirit and with understanding’, ‘speaking to ourselves in Psalms’. (Col3:16, 1Cor14:15, Eph5:9,19)
We abhor self-righteousness or ‘legalism’.
We abhor self-satisfaction or complacency.
We abhor boasting or distinction of men.

Join in Sabbath’s Celebration and Fellowship through the study and proclamation of the Word...
According to Scripture only
For Christ only
By grace only
Through faith only
To the glory of God only
are we saved...
as in OSAS … Once Saved Always Saved...
as in TULIP saved…

in T...Total Depravity
on U...Unconditional Election
by L...Limited Atonement
through I...Irresistible Grace
unto P...Perseverance of the saints.

“O that I may know HIM, and, the POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION” ---THEN I cannot but be a believer of the Sabbath, “the day the Seventh Day Sabbath-of-the-LORD GOD”. O Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner!

3, We lament and reject the (sectarian) disregard and denial of the historical Christian Church as The One Catholic Holy Communion of Believers and Body of Christ's Own of all times and all peoples.