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Today is the day
« on: Sat Feb 14, 2009 - 12:21:04 »
That the LORD hath made.  Let us rejoice and be Glad.

Today is Valentines day my brothers and sisters.  They say a day of Love, where you give your loved ones candy hearts and little cards and other baubles that will mean nothing when we are all in Heaven.  But as fellow CHRISTians/nay Protestants let me ask you this.  Have you givin your first love a heart?  I am not talking your wife or girlfriend (for the males) or your husband or boyfriend (for the females)  I am talking CHRIST.  Have you given HIM your Heart?  Back in 2002 I was saved from a life of sex, drugs, rock-n-roll.  I was as low as a man could get.  To deal with my folks "preachin'" to me I would go get stoned, or trip on some acid, and LORD only knows what the pot was laced with. 

But here I am 2/14/2009 in 8 days will be my 7th Born Again Birthday.  And I am the one who is preachin.  I remember my first Born Again Birthday (the only one I count is Born Again Birthdays as the others only make you I went to a Gaither concert.  There was this Beautiful lady singer there, I want to say Yolanda Addams but I would probably be wrong.  Anyway we were looking at all the CD's for sale and listening to Mark Lowery, and shaking hands (and being hugged) by Vesta Goodman.  And the forementioned Lady singer had heard it was my Spiritual Birthday.  So she went to her table, got her latest CD and signed it.  Her responce was "Welcome to the Family"  That day I felt like I could do no wrong.  Was not long (a day in fact) later that I yet sinned again.  I might have sinned in my sleep, but as I do not know if I did I will just say the next

My encouragement for you all is that once you truley give CHRIST your heart, that is when you get the best Valentine ever.  The Love of CHRIST.

Now I am not smart (as you can all tell) so I will not give daily encouragements, But I will give you all what the LORD leans on my heart to give.

May the Blessings of GOD fall upon you my sisters and brothers.

Brother Bill ::preachit::