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Post by: Seriousseeker on Fri Mar 01, 2013 - 18:43:04
Here is a paper I think speaks to problems in christendom.

Some Christians lament the failure of the Church in the world, which faithful Bible believers can understand as concerning the testimony, but the failure is truly in man and not God's work.  He never fails!

Most real Christians agree that the Christian testimony has much failure today, and faithful ones who have a heart for the Lord Jesus are mostly "an island to themselves", it seems;  however, some of us have found a fellowship in the world that has continued from that revival of circa 1800 AD, which holds only to the Word of God as our only authority for expressing God's testimony (see as God's intention for His Church in the world. It speaks of non-sectarian universal fellowship, as expressing the "one body of Christ" in accord with New Testament Bible teaching ---without the innovations and deletions of men. One should search this out, rather than continue forming new sects every year ---Bible Truth Publishers is a good source of history.

We need not despair, by appreciating what God gave us in His Word by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ through the books of Acts and the Epistles.  One should see the beginning of the Church in Acts 2:41-42 and the Epistles, and see also that the Church is not an extension of the Israelite religion, as many today suppose.  It is not a “new covenant” as is often being promoted in christendom, but the “Bride of Christ” in a New Testament of grace, rather than the bondage of laws (read Galatians).
The Old Testament is history and a record of creation, the workings of God with mankind, and His people of Israel.  The Church is for this age since the advent of Jesus Christ.  The hope for Israel as a nation is in the restoration during the Millennium, and today they must come to the Savior –the Lord Jesus, on the same ground as the Gentiles  – R. L. D.
Post by: Seriousseeker on Tue Apr 30, 2013 - 20:46:22
As stated above, God only has one church and all true ("born again") believers and worshippers in Jesus Christ are in it.  The expression, function, and practice of the universal Church in the world must therefore be as God ordained, and not as various sects are promoting.

Some professing Christians say the various sects are all we have today, but that is not true.  A Christian fellowship that holds only the Word of God without man's ideas cannot rightly be called sectarian.  Every local assembly gathering in the world ought to be as the universal Church God established, and in one happy fellowship (see such as Rom.12:5;  1 Cor.12:4-27;  Eph.4:1-6; etc.).

It can only be ignorance or rebellion that one would ignore this.  Which is it?  The premise above is worthy of note and honest investigation, I believe.  One can find more history on this recovery of Church Truth at Bible Truth Publishers, Addison, IL.