Author Topic: Are we armchair Christians or soldiers  (Read 6408 times)

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Are we armchair Christians or soldiers
« on: Fri Sep 04, 2009 - 21:54:52 »
To the brothers and sisterĀ“s, soldiers for the Lord I great you with all with the spirit. I have tried and have writen to many of brothers and sisters asking for there help in extending the preaching work so now I am asking you. My name is Luis Reynaldo Baynes, I am a preacher here in Honduras Central America for the Lord. With his blessings I have started a small but powerful preaching campaign here in Honduras brothers. I came here 5 years ago with the clear mission of starting a church that would help in the training of more soldiers for our Lord. I have purchased the land with my own funds, cleared it again, with the Lords help. Its ready now for the church building, can you help us? I know we are not part of your congregation, but we are part of the body, members that are here working hard for his name. Help us build it brothers, sisters help us. We knead funds to just finish the work we started here. Don't let satan's borders make you think that we are not your brothers, we are and are in knead of your help. Will you help us? Call us here, write to us if you can help, nothing is to small, send us what you can. Here is my email for the church,  here is the number if you wish to call us here, . Brothers will you help us please, I cant do it alone anymore I knead your help. If its 1 dollar then send that if its 5 send that, don't buy that coffee today help us. May the Lord guide your hearts with his spirit, remember you to were ones lost as these now are, help us. May the Lord be with the spirit you show.
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Re: Are we armchair Christians or soldiers
« Reply #1 on: Mon Sep 07, 2009 - 06:49:57 »
Welcome -- I see you are still a very new member.

Will you have time to write more here about yourself and your work in Honduras?

You might also look into making a membership for your group on MySpace and Facebook; a little networking can't hurt.

Tell us about yourself.

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Re: Are we armchair Christians or soldiers
« Reply #2 on: Wed Oct 28, 2009 - 13:49:28 »
I know you are a con artist.  You just tried to scam money out of me for a reward I posted for my stolen camcorder and you were told me to send it to YOU via Western Union to HONDURAS.  You saw my lost ad on craigslist - desperately begging for my camcorder to be returned - that I was desperate because it had my daughter's first year on there and it was the only thing I had recorded of her.  You preyed on me and tried to scam me out of money because you knew I was desperate to get my videos back.  And you are on a CHRISTIAN FORUM, posing as a MAN OF GOD in Honduras who needs "donations" to build a church there.  You will pay the price in the end and God will be your judge - the same God you use to swindle money out of Christians.