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childrens hostel project
« on: Thu Sep 03, 2009 - 02:03:08 »
Vishwasi Sangati is already working in Sabarsonda village since 2007 with different social developement activities. The population of this village has nearly 600 (250 families). The tribal people group is Kokani and Bhill.

Children leave school to accompany their parents as they migrate to near by State Gujarat for livelihood. This happens every year as they find no work opportunities in their own areas. They move out in early September and return in December end. Children are put to severe hardships as this is rainy & winter season, often they are left alone. At times they are entrusted to take care of their younger siblings. Children are deprived of their childhood, school and opportunity to grow mentally, socially and economically. During his period their children cannot attend school. This is a routine education gap for these children every year.
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