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Missions to Mexico and Beyond
« on: Fri Jul 18, 2014 - 09:56:44 »
I recently returned from a tip to Mexico.  My team and I witnessed hundreds of salvation, Tons of miracles and each team member experienced personal transformation.  I personally experienced a lot of transformation and had first time experiences throughout the week.  Yay God!

Saying Yes to Gods Yes

Several years ago God started speaking to me about entering a season where I would begin traveling and doing various forms of ministry. I couldn't see how it could happen or where I'd go, so I sat and did nothing expecting God to drop something on my lap.

Five years ago when I started to come back around to the supernatural I started having people give me words about traveling for ministry purposes.  I finally started to see what it could look like but every time I would start to step through a door I found my fear based excuses why not to follow through with a plan.  From the time I said yes to God's YES to me regarding my recent Mexico trip and followed through numerous doors of opportunity began opening out of no-where.

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