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In the Jiu Valley in our adventist mission we go through new and wonderful experiences with God. The group here, which meets on every Sabbath, reached 15 people. Moreover, our adventist missionary Calin Cornel lived a unique experience with God. For two months he has been doing Bible study with a family with 3 children. The children’s father worked until two years ago as a climber for mobile phone antennas. That is until one day he fell from 10 meters up and broke both legs, which led him to stay at home for two years. Because Florin, the father of the children, provided the only source of income, their financial situation became critical. Now he has healed and began to look for work. But because he accepted the Sabbath as a day of rest, he cannot find work. There are days when he has nothing to feed his family with.
One day, while our adventist missionary was with this family, the people from the phone company came to call Florin to work, to hire him again. The salary offered was very high, 700 euros / month. He refused on the spot, because he wasn’t offered a free Sabbath. Meanwhile, some Jehovah’s Witnesses also came and proposed him a job, but with no free Sabbath and provided he went to their church. He refused this offer as well.
Meanwhile, an Adventist brother from Spain found out about this family and wants to help with 200 EUR, which would be used to buy food for Florin’s family.
The financial situation worsened more and more, until one Friday when, at 8 am, Florin received a citation at home from the City Hall, saying that if until 12 o’clock that day he will not pay 200 euro (house rent) he will be forcibly evicted from the house. At that moment, knowing he had no money, without being able to call someone, with the thought that he will be made to live in the street, he decided to commit suicide. He doesn’t share his thoughts with anyone, takes a rope and goes into the forest.
Meanwhile, our adventist missionary Calin Cornel, feels an urge to go to the spring to take some water. The path leading to the spring was the same path Florin was walking along, towards death. Cornel adventist missionary was bringing the water, Florin was going to hang himself. The two meet and a dialogue begins:
Cornel, adventist missionary: Florin, where are you going at this hour in the forest (almost 9 am)?
Florin: I am waiting for someone who promised me something to work, and I must wait for him further up…
As Cornel listened he felt a warning from God that Florin was lying and was actually going to hang himself.
Cornel, adventist missionary: Florin, you’re lying to me, God revealed to me right now that you are going to hang yourself.
Florin: (scared and troubled) … how do you know that? What do you mean God told you? No one knows, I didn’t tell anyone about it…
After Florin told him why he wanted to hang himself, Cornel said:
- Florin, nobody stopped you to go work on the Sabbath; you could have earned 700 euros per month, but you refused because you wanted to obey God. Why then take your life? What would the three girls have done without you?
Eventually, the two returned home and asked the Lord to solve the problem with the 200 euros for rent to the city hall and not to be evicted.
Meanwhile, at 10, Negoiescu Samuel comes to visit Cornel adventist missionary, along with the 200 EUR he received from a brother in Spain last week, especially for Florin. Negoiescu Samuel knew nothing of what happened. Once he found out, he visited Florin along with Cornel. When Florin learned that God had sent 200 EUR, meaning exactly 200 euro for him and that the money got there exactly at the last minute, when he needed them, he began to cry like a child.
His family’s financial situation worsened again day by day. Again reaching the limit of existence, Florin accepted to work on the Sabbath, taking care of some cows. He receives an amount of money in advance, following that in a few days he will begin work.
But God did not let him work on the Sabbath.  After receiving the advance of money, that night Florin had a dream. He was taking care of the cows. But the cows started to run away from him and throw themselves off a cliff. Scared because of the damage, Florin chooses to throw himself after the cows. But at the last minute, an angel of light comes beside him on the edge of the cliff, spinning a sword in a circle. The angel says: WHERE ARE YOU GOING, MADMAN??
That is when Florin woke up. In the morning he went looking for Cornel to pray for him, decided to give up his job as caretaker and returned the money received in advance.
Florin attends worship services on Sabbath and Bible study group with his family. He needs support in prayer so he can find a job with a free Sabbath so he can provide for his family.

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