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Re: Instrumental Music in Worship
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He will be posting any minute now.

I'm surprised he's not posted yet.   

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Re: Instrumental Music in Worship
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Outlawed: why churches of Christ were never associated with the Disciples/Christians other than in a fraternal way until they started infiltrating and diverting.

    "I do believe, without a doubt
    The Christian has a right to shout.[1]

When one thinks of early nineteenth-century Methodists, one immediately thinks of the name which was commonly applied to them. People spoke of Methodists as "shouting Methodists," and it was a name Methodists were glad to accept and make their own. This is made evident by a song in Stith Mead's Methodist songbook of 1807, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. It is a song extolling the Methodists, and it was sufficiently esteemed to be placed in the cornerstone of Foundry Methodist Church in Washington, D.C.[2] Entitled "The Methodist," this spiritual song declares:

    The World, the Devil, and Tom Paine
    Have try'd their force, but all in vain.
    They can't prevail, the reason is,
    The Lord defends the Methodist.

    They pray, they sing, they preach the best,
    And do the Devil most molest.
    If Satan had his vicious way,
    He'd kill and damn them all today.

    They are despised by Satan's train,
    Because they shout and preach so plain.
    I'm bound to march in endless bliss,
    And die a shouting Methodist.
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Re: Instrumental Music in Worship
« Reply #212 on: Tue Nov 27, 2018 - 11:33:09 »
My wife and I visited a congregation a couple of days ago whilst out of town.  There was public musicatin' right there on the stage.  As usual, when there are folks up on stage singing into microphones, us pewkes are just out there standing around looking around.  Not my cup of tea.