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Author Topic: Kindra  (Read 1133 times)

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« on: Sun Oct 02, 2011 - 16:08:00 »
Name:           Kindra
Age:              Aging gracefully. Not nearly as limber as she used to be.
Gender:        F
Race:            Originally a gentle and sparsely populated forest peoples. Her more recent ancestors had given over much of their identity and blood lineage to their conqueors; a vanguard of a distantly based cruel and oppressive empire of which little is know.
Hair Color:     Red. Softened by age.
Personality:   Solitary and a wanderer. But driven to interact with others out of curiosity or concern.  She is likely to trail behind any companions; huming old tunes or laughing and muttering to herself.  She has some herbal skills towards healing, and so trades her aids for provisions in the small communites through which she now more frequently passes. Her loyal wolf has keen insight into her thoughts and needs. Though aging himself, he is her fierce protector.  Possessing extraordinary intelligence, speed and strength, he is even a capable solitary hunter. He will often scout the way ahead for signs of any dangers.
Bio:              She barely remembers a time before her wanderings began, and prefers not to speak of them.  She holds that the past is of no real consequence.
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