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Author Topic: Emanon  (Read 2232 times)

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« on: Sat Sep 17, 2011 - 04:56:01 »
Name:  Emanon
Age:  no known Birth Date
Gender:  Male
Race: Has been a matter of debate for centuries
Hair Color:  Blond/Light Brown mix, shoulder length
Personality: Kind,thoughtful
Bio (history):  Emanon is of the Travelors.  He is able to travel between worlds.  Those past, those present, and those far into the future.  He neither slays, nor can he be slain.  He is a counselor of men.  Counselor, comforter, advisor, and, when necessary, is able to render aide to those in need.  He is neithe particularly attractive or unattractive.  He is of average heighth and weight, and if one were to seek a distinguishing charateristic of him, it would be that he is forgetable.  Often overlooked in a crowd due to his ability to blend in and not bring attention to himself.  All men, of all worlds, are, at one time or another, in need of a counselor/advisor.  A quiet word of kindness, a softly spoken adminishment, or a whispered warning at just the right moment in times past and present, and in times to come have/will prevent confrontations that always lead to violence and bloodshed.  Emanon seeks to bring mankind together in peace and harmony.  To bring peace to the tortured souls, comfort to the affilicted, and aide to the wounded.     

Every man, at one time in his life, has called out for help.  For guidance, for wisdom and for mercy.  He who hears all, sees all and knows all is faithful to answer these sincere pleas and within a short span, Emanon (sent by his Lord) will be present when/where he is needed.  Even the greatest of Warriors, the greatest of Kings, the  the greatest of Heros need guidance, counseling, and wisdom in times of distress.  They may not shout out their plea, but in their hearts, they cry out and He who hears all, sees all, and knows all, will answer the unspoken plea as faithfully as He answeres the spoken.  His servant Emanon will provide what is needed to those who ask.