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Author Topic: Jenifaire  (Read 1160 times)

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« on: Wed Sep 14, 2011 - 19:27:42 »
Name: Jenifaire
Age: Sworn to silence
Gender: F
Race: Rulanden
Hair Color: Beautiful dark brunette, with hints of mahogany
Personality: Sweet and strong. Even though not as physically strong as other Rulanden women, she makes up for it by her unexpected emotional and spiritual strength that disarms aggressors.
Bio: Her grandfather came from the old country of Russia, and her grandmother, Poland. Jenifaire was born in the new republic that was formed when her grandfathers family laid claim and helped to found the Provence of Rulande'. She amazes people by her talents and her striking appearance, as well as her grace and profound gentleness. She usually always has a suitor at her door, but because she learns quickly, she has learned that she needn't move too swiftly.

She loves people and animals...which is quite evident when with her. Not because she puts on airs, and flaunts her abilities...and not just because her glistening violet-blue eyes turn a deep, deep purple when her heart is going out to those most vulnerable (which is a characteristic of Rulande' women when their heart is extra-full of compassion).  But it is because of the way those around her respond to her. It is quite amazing to see. It appears as though they are truly melting in her presense. What makes it even more amazing, is that she does not even see it. If you ask her about it, she will sincerely shrug her shoulders and not claim any of it...any of that ability, for herself.

Jenifaire will often go off by herself at a moments impulse, no matter where she is at and climb to the highest point she can find...which is usually where you can find her, if she can't be found. She goes to pray and sing as she plays the ciąg naparstek (in english= thimble string) which she keeps with her at all times.

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