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Author Topic: Sir Christian King  (Read 1397 times)

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Sir Christian King
« on: Sat May 05, 2012 - 19:27:32 »
Name:Sir Christian King
Hair Color:Red
Personality:He is a kind,  timid,  and sometimes hot-tempered young.  He can have a stubburn side to him every once in awhile.  He is not a very outgoing person,  and likes to keep to himself.  He is a friendly person once you get to know him

Bio:In his preteen youth,  his was a lost,  lawless,  sin driven boy.  He always felt like their was an empty space in his life,  and he tried in vain to search for a worldly thing to fill it.  Then a servant man came to him and told him off a noble prince who could help him.  When he asked the man to show him this prince,  the servant man led him to him.  The prince's name was Jesus and he was just what Christian was unknowingly looking for the whole time.  Thanks to Holy Spirit,  the servant man,  he was saved by Prince Jesus and change forever.  He became a Knight of Christ,  and forever served his master King Father under the command of his savior Prince Jesus.