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Author Topic: Skippy  (Read 1386 times)

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« on: Thu Oct 20, 2011 - 23:21:05 »
Name: Skippy (he calls himself "Thkippy" due to a lisp)
Age:    12 years old
Gender:  male
Race:   Caucasian
Hair Color:  reddish-brown

He is short and chubby, ususally wearing red shorts that are a bit too small
for him, and a white T-shirt that says "Winner" on the front, covered with
numerous catsup and chocolate stains. The T-shirt is also a bit too small for
him, showing a hint of his belly fat between the shirt and the top of his pants.
He almost always has a Twinkie in one hand,  and an I-phone in the other, on which he plays
numerous computer games. He wears horn-rimmed glasses with extremely
thick lenses, and he has a habit of adjusting the glasses upon his nose every
few minutes or so. He wears tennis shoes that are a size too big, and continually

He talks constantly, and says such things as "Hi, I'm Thkippy. Thometimes I eat theeth twinkieeth becauth I'm alwayth tho hungry". He annoys his parents so badly that they often give him money for candy and
allow him to roam the streets where he lives.

But Skippy does have one amazing "thing" which he carries around with him.  It is a magical backpack that literally produces anything he needs when he asks for it. He doesn't realize what a treasure he has in this backpack and it's awesome powers. He is literally a potential super-hero without realizing it. He has rescued several people out of dangerous situations while eating a twinkie, and keeping his eye on the I-phone at the same time.
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