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« on: Sat Jan 07, 2012 - 04:40:11 »
I'm an Intermediate/Advanced RPer. Although I don't know if I'll RP here I will post a character I've made. Maybe, just maybe I'll get around to some rp. Character based around Anita Blake series... based... since I haven't read her books. I hope all my BBC stuff works here 'cause I don't feel like editing... EDIT: they didn't work <.<

Xanathan Zain Carvator!


Name: Zain Carvator
Age:  30
Birthdate: January 3rd, 1979
Gender: Male
Orientation: Holly Carvator.
Birthplace: Italy
Occupation: Businesses. Hotels. Resorts.
Species: Wereleopard

Please mark which ranking of lycan your character is with an 'x'..

[] Omega
[] Beta
  • Alpha


Height: 6'2
Weight: 192lbs
Build: Muscular
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing Marks: A few scars here and there from past fights.
Species Appearance:

Play- By: Jared Padalecki.


Mother: Kelly Carvator
Father: Xaniz Carvator
Siblings: Xerius Carvator
Significant Other: Holly Carvator
Ashley Carvator
Logan White-Carvator
Amera Bush-Carvator
Other Important Persons:
Kenny Hao is a part of the family now.


* Kind-Heart - Zain will do nearly anything for someone. He often donates money to charities, funds, ect. He is a person to be there for someone in a time of need.
* Affectionate - To the ones he loves and are close too.
* Courageous - Zain is a very courageous person. He won't stand down even in the worst of times. He fights for what he believes is right.
* Stubborn - When he has made up his mind he usually never changes it.
* Serious - He's not one to play around often. He likes keeping to himself.
* Focused - Zain can focus on one subject for hours on end. He isn't known to become distracted which sometimes takes him away from others.
* Open-Minded - He enjoys hearing what people have to say about subjects he agrees or disagrees on. He is a very curious individual, however, not easy to pursue
* Takes Responsibility - With his family, he takes on full responsibility to keep them together.
Being Alpha
His wife and children
Taking his daughters on vacations.
Spending time with his family
Spending money
The movies
Kids in general
Being a father
Being in charge
Hurtful words
Hateful people
People who crave attention
Being rude
Being selfish
Loosing his family again
Death of a family member
Taking charge
Being strong
Keeping things in order
Math - being in the business world has made it easy.
Family - He would do just about anything for them like giving his own life for their safety
His temper can shoot up easily at times.
Thinks way to much about things that bother him.
Zain was born into Italy and lived a quiet, settled childhood. He is the twin of Xerius Carvator. His parents only had two children who they gave their full attention too. Zain made good grades throughout his whole schooling allowing him to become become an exchange student to a school in America. Zain spent a year in America as a student before he decided to move out on his on the live at the age of eighteen. There he met the love of his life in college, Holly Ambler.

The two were both were leopards. Xerius moved soon after to be with his brother and his mate to live as a small pard (AKA pack) in Tampa, Florida. Zain announced his love for Holly and asked her to be his bride at nineteen years old. She happily agreed. The three then moved to Alaska to live a quieter lifestyle and a start a family. Holly became pregnant and nine months later little Ashley was born. Ashley became his pride and joy and spoiled her.

Some years later Zain left for the grocery store. Ashley was left home with the babysitter as she was to young to be by herself. Zain and his wife never made it to the grocery store that day, someone ran into their car, knocking the two out. A few days later he woke up in a cellar with an older man staring him down. The man never spoke to him, asked him questions, or would answer him. All he knew was he was away from his loved ones...Where was his wife, brother, and daughter?

It took him some time to escape. He found out he was being held captive for something that would arise later, however, the plan fell. Zain wasn't sure what they really wanted though...All he was focused on was finding his family...A week after his escape he made his way to a ship that was heading straight for the Untied States...

 In Alaska, however, his family was no where to be found. By this time, he had become a pretty depressed person, but it never stopped his on-going search...He knew they were some where...he knew they were all still alive.

Once he traveled to Forks, Washington he found his wife who took on a stripping job. She didn't have her memory of her own daughter and very little of him. Holly didn't remember marrying him just being in college as a couple. It didn't take her long for her memory turn come back to her though thanks to family pictures. And to Zains request she stopped stripping. It was then they went searching for their daughter. Ashley was found shortly after. They were all finally together again expect Zain's brother.

At the park Zain found a wereleopard teenager who he found out she was an orphan. He made the quick decision to take her in to give her the life she never had. He also wanted to make sure all the leopards were safe. A few months later Logan talked Holly into adopting little Amera Bush who was hearing impaired.

Although a human lived in the house there wasn't many differences made. Amera was introduced to their world little by little so it wouldn't scare her.


Alias: Ash
Experience: 6 years in role playing.
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