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Author Topic: Evergaard  (Read 2487 times)

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« on: Fri Sep 16, 2011 - 00:10:58 »


In a small town called Stonesthrow, in a small house made of Barrow-wood, lived
a man named Raleigh Swift . Raleigh had lived in this house since he was quite young,
when he had been abandoned in front it, and taken in and cared for by
the woman who lived there, Maggie Swift.  To Raleigh Maggie was his mother, and he
loved her deeply. He would do anything to protect her.

She was older now, and gray-haired, and Raleigh took care of her now, rather than her
taking care of Raleigh. They lived in the county of Trune, which is in the southeast corner
of the land of Evergaard; the largest kingdom in the Territory of the Kings of Matrona.

..to be continued

**Admin-----I don't know how to turn my character name into a link so that one can
go back and see description of character.  Can you explain how to do that?

(Fish, this is how I did it. per Larry2.............go to your characters "bio" page, right click on the name, select the shortcut option, come back to this page and choose a spot to "paste" in the link..............p.rehbein)

(I'm trying to work up a character that will fit into your storyline.............  ::pondering::)

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Re: Evergaard
« Reply #1 on: Fri Sep 16, 2011 - 01:25:09 »
Dimwalt the Dwarf lived in a very fine hollow under the largest pine-nut tree along the main road coming into Stonesthrow.  The size of the pine-nut tree was in fact a point of some pride for Dimwalt.  Except of course, for the fact that Dimwalt had nobody to brag to, particularly.

Dwarves were rarely seen by the men of Trune, for most of them kept to themselves, away from towns, and far enough underground not to be bothered by the wars and intrusions of the "big people."  But then, Dimwalt was a bit eccentric - for a dwarf, anyway.

Dimwalt was rather friendly, and was often to be seen by the townsfolk of Stonesthrough on their way in or out of town, perched at the top of his little porch under the pine-nut tree, smiling his biggest smiles with his buck teeth, and waving his stubby arms at them.  As a result, the people regarded him as a sort of beloved village idiot, though they valued his work catching and eating the pestiforous animals that ate at their crops.

Dimwalt regarded himself as a historian of the land of Trune, and he collected as many of the old stories as he could find, writing them down in his old leather-bound volume in the sort of fat, squatty letters that only a dwarf's hand can produce.  Dimwalt loved nothing more than to regale the boys and girls of the town with the stories of days gone by.  Dragons and battles, sorcerors and mad kings, but most of all the valiant heroes of yesteryear.  These were the things that really made Dimwalt's world go round.

And perhaps that was the reason for Dimwalt's fascination with the man called Raleigh Swift, who exploits in the famous battle of the Two Woods had captured his imagination.  Dimwalt was writing the chronicle of Raleigh Swift, though he was having some trouble getting Raleigh to cooperate.  For his part, Raleigh could scarcely avoid the gangly dwarf, who very nearly stalked him, longing to hear again and again about his battles, and probe into his mysterious past.

Raleigh heard the dwarf running to catch up to him on his way out of town before he heard the shouts.

"Raleigh?  Raleigh Swift?  Is that you?  I would know the sound of your feet anywhere.  The sound of an adventurer!  I'd know it anywhere!  So where are you off to this morning?"

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Re: Evergaard
« Reply #2 on: Thu Sep 22, 2011 - 00:02:12 »
"Leave me alone Dimwalt! Go back and hide under your pine-nut tree, you bucked-toothed little nuisance!" said Raleigh, casting a chicken bone to the side of the pathway, and swallowing the meat he had just torn from it with one bite. Raleigh had an inherent habit of insulting others with his bluntness, and yet he didn't seem to realize it. He didn't really mean he wanted Dimwalt to leave; in fact he liked Dimwalt quite a bit, and enjoyed the dwarf's fawning appreciation of him. He knew Dimwalt was writing about his exploits, and he enjoyed telling Dimwalt his stories, and also embellishing them a bit, while the dwarf listened, wide-eyed, and consumed with utter fascination.   to be continued....
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Re: Evergaard
« Reply #3 on: Sun Oct 02, 2011 - 17:29:46 »

Kindra's provisions were dangerously low, but she had herbs aplenty in various leather pouches.  It was long past bartering time.  Wolf had taken his time, circumventing two small towns entirely.  But Kindra had seen smoke rising above the trees some time back, and Wolf had kept true to this course. Now she saw the outline of a what looked to be a Barrow-wood and stone shelters to her north. There was a steep embankment, and then the trail lead to something that resembled a decent road.

"We shall see what we shall see," she mumbled to herself, grabbing hold of a slender birch for support.  Her footing uncertain in the soft and sodden forest floor, began to slip entirely.  The birch bent, as she thrust out her other hand to grab a second nearby sapling.  The sapling gave way, roots and all and she found herself falling headlong into the brush, and down the bank.
"Ouch!," she managed as she picked herself off the ground, keenly aware that two forms had witnessed her ungainly descent.  She felt a flush of embarrassment, mingled with panic.  The dread of other human presence had become surpassed by the dread of broken bones.  She swallowed the colorful words and phrases she generally reserved for times of solitude. Taking bodily inventory, she had remained mostly unscathed. Her right still grasped the slender sapling, an elm,  by its trunk.  
"Hello." she called out, and smiled in greeting.  She saw that one form was indeed a human man.  The second, Dwarf? A curiosity indeed. But it was the human who drew her attention.  Battle scars, and a certain manner in his stance took what was left of her senses.  
"You have weak trees!" She shouted, holding up the thin elm as evidence.
Where was Wolf!?

Page 2.
Slowly, realiziation dawned. The  state of her onlookers were truly one of transfixed shock. Motionless, human and dwarf stared at her with mouths agape. Ah..very good! Here was her means of escape, proven time and time again and from vllage to village.
"Tee in the wind!" she crooned, beginning to swan body and elm in one united motion. "Tee in the wind!"  She reached with her free hand to gather the mixed powders from one pouch.  "Tee in the wind" she continued her mantra, moving slowly forward toward the unlikely duo,  a swaying synchronicity.
With a deft gesture and released she powdered unto two gawking males. It was an essence of her own creation. Paralyzing powder! It was potent enough to ensure that the two would countinue their gawking infirmity until she was well on her way. 
What is this?  She probed one deep pocket of the motionless human. Spit cooke dchicken!! That would do. Yes, that would do. 
She sensed more then heard her wolf's excitement from somewhere off the road behind her.  The distant howl reached her ears a moment later, as she rounded a bend. The gawkers...frozen in time, might only remember her as a brief disturbance in their own reality.  Unexplainable, and soon forgotten.. a trick of faulty perception.
"I'll be there soon wolf!" she whispered under her breath..."Be quiet! I'll be there soon."
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Re: Evergaard
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"AAAArrgh!!!" shouted Raleigh.  If one were observing him, he would have the appearance of a statue coming to life.  His movements were jerky, as though he were freeing himself from an invisible web.  "Wha..?  What happened!!?" he cried out.  He shook his head violently, like a wet dog does, and blubbered a few more words that made little sense at all.

"Perhaps it was that chicken you were eating" said a voice to Raleigh's left.  Raleigh's eyes were blurry, so he had to focus first, then shook his head again, and realized he had to look down to see the person speaking.  It was the dwarf, Dimwalt. Raleigh immediately noticed that one of Dimwalt's arms was sticking straight out to the left, as though he were pointing in that direction.  Dimwalt quickly noticed it to and let out a high-pitched scream, which echoed through the forest.  "Oh pipe down dimwit" said Raleigh, "you'll come out of it soon enough".

"Twasn't the chicken" said Raleigh thoughtfully, "''cause you didn't have any of it". His power of recollection was slowly returning to him now. He felt his pocket for the other piece of spit-cooked chicken he knew he had put there, but it was empty. "Thieves!" he uttered in disgust.  "We've been paralyzed" said Dimwalt, rubbing his arm which was returning to normal now, though quite numb.  "If it wasn't the chicken, could it be somethin' else we et?" asked Dimwalt.

"Quiet, you little numbskull" said Raleigh disrespectfully, "the last thing I remember hearin' was the howl of a wolf...and look here...footprints" he added, pointing to the ground.  Raleigh slowly pulled an axe from it's holder, and began to walk in a deliberate manner, following the trail of prints leading to the west.  

Dimwalt plodded behind Raleigh, and pulled a small notebook from his coat pocket.  "Another adventure" he whispered excitedly, wetting the end of a pencil with his tongue, and beginning to write in the little book as he walked. A look of great fear passed over Dimwalt's face, followed by a grin as big as a crescent moon.
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