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Author Topic: How It Works  (Read 1870 times)

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How It Works
« on: Wed Sep 14, 2011 - 11:18:08 »
RPG (Role Playing Game):

In summary, a RPG is where players create their own characters and play them in a universe/world, according to post rules to make up a story. If a world is already set up by a member or the forum than the characters are to be played according to the culture, location and history set down in the world.

RPG New Worlds / Realms

Fantasy RPG often involves creatures like dragons, trolls, ogres, unicorns, fairies, wizards, witches, etc. (think C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia). In the case of this RPG subforum, a poster will create a new world/universe/realm complete with cultures, creatures, story and characters. In this way the story of the movie/book can continue and grow based on the imaginations of forum members. If a world/universe is very successful, it might even get its own subforum so that new and continued stories with other characters and cultures can grow from it.

As with all games/stories, each character will need a profile in the RPG Character Forum/Database so that the character can be linked to from the original post of the story and in other areas where it would help another player or reader to know the character.

To Start A New World

Start a new thread with the name of your world/universe/story. As you tell the story, link to each character that is mentioned.

After your initial post, another member may contribute by portraying (acting out) a role based on a character that has already been mentioned or a new one, given it doesn't interrupt the story already established.


- Play by post rule: you must play by post, meaning when poster A finishes a post, poster B is to respond by making his/her own post. Everyone takes a turn in posting; this is mainly because of the fact that A has to watch for B’s move and vice versa (and with additional posters).

- Control of other players’ characters are permitted, but only minimal control is allowed, exception would be when the players grant you total control, or when the players abandon their characters.

Example: poor control:
Kaylith jumped over a log to Salinea’s rescue, relief flooded through her at the sight of him and she fainted as the creature turned around at his yell, ready to face a more dangerous foe.

Good control:
Kaylith jumped over a log to Salinea’s rescue, he had a glimpse of her relieved face before the creature turned around at his yell, ready to face a more dangerous foe.

Note: never control other players’ characters to the extent that result in changes of their personalities. In the above example, Salinea was a strong girl, and she would not have fainted.

- The number of characters is not restricted.

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