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Author Topic: After Eternity  (Read 777 times)

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After Eternity
« on: Fri Dec 18, 2015 - 19:35:42 »
After Eternity

A memo from the Arch-angel, Gabriel,

To those whom the Lord has called,

God, He is a creator by nature. This we know. Why then do you believe that He has created only one place and one time? We cannot say what He created before us, though we do not doubt that He has; what we do know is what He created after us, and after you.

Millions of years after the Earth has passed away, His inclination turned toward creation yet again. There was never any doubt that His love for you, the humans, was as great and glorious as it had ever been. Still, God is love, and He has such an abundance of love that it often becomes his will to create even more beings to love.

This new race, which are similar to humans in many ways, will fall under the very same covenant that saved you so long ago. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, has created them with the same free will that He gave to you. He did this knowing that they would fail in the same way that you did. Their failure, however, was a far greater one than yours. They had no Satan to tempt them. They chose rebellion, knowing full well what they were doing. They chose outright rejection of God. They broke the covenant. For this, they were cursed.

When we arrive, you will know those that are under the curse. Their disposition will be apparent, not only by their black eyes and white hair, but by their violent and ruthless behavior. There will be billions against us, and only one for us. Your mission, such as it is, will be to show the true power and glory of the one true God. Many on this new planet have been raised up as gods and goddesses, but they are false. You will find this one being, the one that did not break the covenant and loves the Lord, and protect her until the Lord decides to return for her. We do not know His mind, and you may be there for years. Do not be discouraged, do not lose hope. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

The Lord will give each of you a total of three abilities. You may choose them yourself, but choose wisely. Furthermore, because you have no physical form presently, He is giving you this gift, that you may choose your own body. You will look however you choose. Please fill out the attached document and return it to the carrier so that I can file your request. Thank you for your bravery, and your devotion to the Lord.


Desired Appearance:

Three Desired ability:

Testimony: (This should reference your time on Earth)

The following is a brief description of the world you will be visiting...

Polentia is a planet that was created with beauty in mind. The Lord built it with mountains so high that the clouds brushed past the middle of them. The oceans are ten times the size of those on Earth, and some of the creatures that live there are large enough to swallow a blue whale whole. The grass is a darker shade of green than you will remember, giving the entire planet a deep and somber appearance. The sun is not as bright as the one you remember, and the moon is far larger and blue. The entire planet is in a constant shadow, though it is not oppressing. In fact, it is a shadow that comforts and blesses those that love God. It is, in fact, the shadow of our great Lord, Jesus Christ.

Despite God's brilliant intentions, the creatures there, called Gemma, have corrupted much of the planet. Some mountains have turned tyrannous and some oceans have turned black. There is still much beauty there, but there is much that is lost forever. Remember that it is not by your own strength that you are called to victory, but by the that of our Lord, Jesus Christ. You will be called to fight, but trust in Him always.

Yours in Christ, Gabriel.

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Re: After Eternity
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