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Roman Climate Change Agenda
« on: Fri Jul 23, 2021 - 13:40:41 »
I have posted many articles and responses about the Catholic Church and Climate change in the Roman Politics thread. I probably should have started another thread specifically for the same already, since this is a main avenue of deception Rome and the man of sin have, do, and will continue no doubt to employ in their political endeavors as BABYLON THE GREAT.

Quoted article below from link above.

President Joe Biden and Democratic Lawmakers Want to Unleash a New Army of Civilian Climate Corps for the Coming Revolution in America

The war on climate change is heating up as Democrats propose up to $130 billion for a new army of Civilian Climate Corps to work with federal agencies to combat climate change. 84 Democratic lawmakers signed a letter demanding the creation of a new Civilian Climate Corps. Even President Joe Biden has promised to include a Civilian Climate Corps program in his $ 3.5 trillion budget.

The idea for the Civilian Climate Corps came from the Sunrise Movement, a radical left-wing environmental organization dedicated to stopping climate change. This organization also advocates for the creation of millions of new green jobs. As a climate change advocacy group, Sunrise Movement has taken the symbol of the Sun for their logo. Ellen Sciales, communications director for the Sunrise Movement, stated that the idea for a Civilian Climate Corps was theirs:

“It’s fair to say Sunrise helped build the vision of what the Civilian Climate Corps would look like, rooted in environmental justice and fighting the climate crisis, as well as some of the jobs we’re pushing — not just putting out solar panels, but we’ve expanded the definition to corps workers and people revitalizing their communities.”

In the above Tweet, Senator Chuck Schumer calls for the creation of a unionized Civilian Climate Corps and publicly thanks the Sunrise Movement. The Sunrise Movement wages wars and harasses people who oppose their radical climate ideology. Many of the different protests organized by the Sunrise Movement across the country end with the arrest of its members. Sunrise Movement demonstrators were also arrested for targeting Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s home.

These kinds of stalking and intimidation tactics used by the Sunrise Movement are the inspiration for the proposed Civilian Climate Corps that President Joe Biden and Democratic lawmakers want to unleash across America. It’s not just about clean energy and electric vehicles. We are talking about billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs, if not millions, to create a civilian army of climate warriors to help spread the climate change propaganda through fear and intimidation.

Hitler had a civilian army of vigilantes known as the Brown Shirts. These civilians carried out a campaign of intimidation and violence throughout Germany. This Nazi militia (Brown Shirts) was made up of people who had been unemployed. They were given the job to “terrorize” and participate in “street fights” against Hitler’s “political enemies.”

Welcome to the new Brown Shirts of America. Rome’s climate agenda, Laudato Si’, will be enforced one way or another, by hook or by crook. A new civilian army is being proposed that will be spread across the country to protest, demonstrate, intimidate and confront those who oppose the climate revolution. I am sure that the coming Civilian Climate Corps will most likely start out by doing good deeds, like cleaning our beaches and planting trees. But since they will be connected to the federal government, they will have access to names, photos and addresses of certain enemies of the climate movement.

Unfortunately, as in the case of Senator Ted Cruz, it has become a common practice used by the cancel culture to reveal personal details about individuals and asking followers to harass, intimidate, and threaten people into submission. The obsession with the so-called climate crisis continues to grow every day. When the time comes to act, the Civilian Climate Corps can be mobilized to create a culture of fear and chaos against certain citizens. It has happened before; and there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). The last thing we need is to employ a new army of Marxists who will produce nothing, but will only increase the national deficit and will be used to terrorize our citizens.

Adolf Hitler was also Catholic, and intended to become a priest at one time. He also declared that he had learned and applied much from the Jesuit order within his own Nazi party. Fascist Mussolini gave the Vatican status as a literal nation state of this world, from which it still benefits greatly on the political scene today. As is evident concerning the ever increasing number of Catholic politicians the world over, an ever increasing number of whom also support Socialism, Fascism, and or Communism. Many from within this nation, as Biden himself obviously has leanings toward as well.

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Re: Roman Climate Change Agenda
« Reply #1 on: Fri Jul 23, 2021 - 20:19:10 »

Following quotes and info are from above link.



Divestment is the opposite of investment–it is the removal of investment capital from stocks, bonds, or funds. The global divest-invest movement is asking institutions to move their money out of oil, coal, and gas companies for both moral and financial reasons, and encouraging reinvestment of those resources in clean energy companies that will help solve the climate crisis while tackling energy poverty.

The institutions that have divested include Caritas Internationalis, Catholic banks with balance sheets of more than €7 billion, archdioceses and dioceses, lay organizations, and religious communities.

Catholic institutions that have committed to divest fully or partially:

Abdij OLV van Nazareth (Belgium)
Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network (Belgium)
Aggiornamenti Sociali (Italy)
ALTIS – Graduate School Business & Society of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy)
AMECEA – Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (Kenya)
Archdiocese of Cape Town (South Africa)
Archdiocese of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Archdiocese of Malta (Malta)
Archdiocese of Napoli (Italy)
Archdiocese of Palermo (Italy)
Archdiocese of Panamá (Italy)
Archdiocese of Salerno – Campagna – Acerno (Italy)
Archdiocese of Salzburg (Austria)
Archdiocese of Semarang (Indonesia)
Archdiocese of Siracusa (Italy)
Archdiocese of Suva (Fiji)
Archdiocese of Vercelli (Italy)
Archdiocese of Vienna – Austria
Artist caring environmentally/Artist Against Fracking (Canada)
Asociación ATTA (Spain)
Asociación Civil Eco Raíces (Argentina)
Association of U.S. Catholic Priests (US) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Australian Jesuits (Australia)
Austrian Bishops Conference (Austria)
Balally parish (Ireland) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Bank für Kirche und Caritas eG (Germany)
Bank im Bistum Essen eG (Germany)
Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera (Austria)
Broederlijk Delen (Belgium)
Capítulo Argentina – Movimiento Católico Mundial por el Clima
Capuchin Charities (Kenya) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Caritas Asia (Thailand) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Caritas Australia (Australia)
Caritas India (India)
Caritas Internationalis (Vatican City)
Caritas Italy (Italy)
Caritas Norway (Norway)
Caritas Philippines (Philippines)
Caritas Singapore (Singapore)
Catholic Action for Animals (UK)
Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (Philippines)
Catholic Charities Diocese of Stockton (US)
Catholic Church in Greece (Greece)
Catholic Laity Council of the Archdiocese of Jos (Nigeria)
Catholic Parish cluster St Pius, St. Mary, St. Anthony (US)
Catholic University of Eastern Africa (Kenya)
Catholic Welfare and Development (South Africa)
Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa – Kenya (US)
CCFD-Terre Solidaire (France)
CEDEHU – Centro de Desarrollo Humano (Mexico) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Center for Action and Contemplation (USA)
China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (China)
Christian Brothers European Province (Ireland)
Christian Life Community (Australia)
Christian Life Community (Australia)
Church Women United in New York State (US)
Claretian Missionaries (Sri Lanka) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Colegio de Graduados en Cooperativismo y Mutualismo (Argentina) – NEW (Nov 2020)
COMECE – Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union (Belgium) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Comissão Arquidiocesana de Justiça e Paz de Luanda (Angola) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Communauté Mission de France (France)
Confederación Interamericana de Educación Católica – CIEC (Colombia)
Congregation of Jesus, English Province (UK)
Congregation of Our Lady, Canonesses of St Augustine (United Kingdom) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Creation Justice Commission (Malaysia) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Creedon Educational Trust (Ireland)
Cristo Misionero del Padre (Peru) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Diocese de São José dos Campos (Brazil)
Diocese of Arundel & Brighton (UK)
Diocese of Assisi (Italy)
Diocese of Caserta (Italy)
Diocese of Civitavecchia and Tarquinia (Italy)
Diocese of Eisenstadt (Austria)
Diocese of Feldkirch (Austria)
Diocese of Graz-Seckau (Austria)
Diocese of Gubbio (Italy)
Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt (Austria)
Diocese of Innsbruck (Austria)
Diocese of Lancaster (UK)
Diocese of Linz (Austria)
Diocese of Middlesbrough (UK)
Diocese of Ossory (Ireland)
Diocese of Padua (Italy)
Diocese of Pescara (Italy)
Diocese of San Carlos (Philippines)
Diocese of Savona – Noli (Italy)
Diocese of St. Pölten (Austria)
Diocese of the Holy Spirit of Umuarama in Paraná (Brazil)
Diocese of Victoria (Spain) – NEW (Nov 2020)
DKM Darlehnskasse Münster eG (Germany)
Dochters der Liefde – Filles de la Charité (Belgium)
Dominican Sisters of mary (Uganda) – NEW (Nov 2020)
English Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers (Ireland) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Environmental Science For Social Change (Philippines)
Episcopal Commision for Justice and Peace (Bangladesh)
Episcopal Conference of Belgium (Belgium)
FADICA – Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (US) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Federation of Christian Organisations for the International Voluntary Service (FOCSIV) (Italy)
Focolare Movement (Italy)
Fondazione MAGIS (Italy)
Forum Internazionale Azione Cattolica (Italy) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Franciscan Action Network
Franciscan Friars TOR Society (Bangladesh)
Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa (Zambia) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Franciscan Servants of Mary Queen of love (Kenya) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Franciscan Sisters Minoress (UK)
Franciscan Sisters of Mary (USA)
Gasthuiszusters Augustinessen van Leuven (Belgium)
Georgetown University (USA)
Go Green Save Environments (Malawi)
Greenaccord onlus (Italy)
Grupo ecológico Salesiano ECOMA (República Dominicana) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Hermanitas de la Asunción (Spain)
Human Life International Kenya (Kenya)
Il Dialogo (Italy)
Indian Catholic Matters (India)
Institut Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil de Montréal (Canada)
Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (Australia)
International Association of World Peace Advocates (Nigeria)
Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference (Ireland)
Italian Jesuits (Italy)
Jesuit Conference of Africa – Justice and Ecology Office (Kenya)
Jesuit European Social Centre (Belgium)
Jesuit Province in Upper Canada (Canada)
Jesuits in Britain (UK)
JPIC Commission USG-UISG (Italy) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Justice and Peace National Commission (Portugal)
Karuna Mission Social Solidarity (KMSS) – Caritas Myanmar (Myanmar)
Kikandwa Environmental Association (Uganda) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Lay Dominicans (Rwanda)
Lega consumatori (Italy)
Little Company of Mary, Irish Province (Ireland)
Little Sisters of St. Joseph (Kenya) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Marino Institute of Education Trust Fund (Ireland)
Marist Sisters (Australia)
MASCI (Italy)
MASCI Umbria (Italy)
Mercedarias Misioneras de Berriz (International)
Mercy International Association (Ireland)
MGR Foundation (USA)
Military diocese of Austria (Austria)
Mill Hill Missionaries (British Region) (United Kingdom) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) – International
Missionarissen van Scheut (Belgium)
Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (UK)
Missionary Sisters of St Columban (Ireland)
Missionary Society of St. Columban (International)
Monastery of St Alphonsus (Ireland) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Movimento Cristiano Lavoratori (Italy)
Netwerk Rechtvaardigheid en Vrede (Belgium)
Newman University (UK)
Nomadelfia (Italy)
Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro (Spain) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Oekologia (France)
Oikocredit Belgium (Belgium)
Ong Ambiental Cima (Argentina) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Passionists of Holy Hope Province (Netherlands)
Pax Christi Düren (Germany)
Pax Christi Vlaanderen (Belgium)
Pax-Bank eG (Germany)
Potencialidades y Centro de Paz Jardín del Corazón (Argentina) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Presentation Congregation Queensland (Australia)
Presentation Sisters Wagga Wagga (Australia)
Presentation Sisters, English Province
Presentation Sisters, North East Province (Ireland)
Presentation Sisters, South West Unit (Ireland)
Presentation Society of Australia and Papua New Guinea (Australia and Papua New Guinea)
Pro Civitate Christiana (Italy)
Proclade Perú-Bolivia (Peru) – NEW (Nov 2020)
RAAD Red Argentina de Ambiente y Desarrollo (Argentina)
RELAI (Argentina)
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (International)
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Kenya) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Religious Sisters of Charity, English/Scottish Province (UK)
Rete Interdiocesana Nuovi Stili di Vita (Italy)
Sacro Convento (Italy)
Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco–Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Milan and Naples (Italy)
Salvatorianen (Belgium)
Scarboro Missions (Canada)
School Sisters of Notre Dame (International)
Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (Scotland)
Secours Catholique (France)
Secretariado Latinoamericano MIEC-JEC (Ecuador)
Serafico Institute (Italy)
SICSAL – Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con los pueblos de América Latina «Óscar Romero» (Colombia) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Sierra Leone Young Christian Student movement (Sierra Leone)
Siloe Monastic Community (Italy)
Sisters Clarissen of Ostend (Belgium)
Sisters of Charity of Jesus & Mary (Belgium)
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (US)
Sisters of Loretto (USA)
Sisters of Mercy Learning and Spiritual Centre (Kenya) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Sisters of Mercy, Northern Province (Ireland and Northern Ireland)
Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles (Ireland) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Sisters of Saint Francis (US)
Sisters of St Josephs of Peace (UK Province)
Sisters of St. Dominic of Blauvelt (US)
Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery (Ireland)
Sisters of the Holy Cross (English Province) (United Kingdom) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation (Nigeria)
Social Justice Ireland (Ireland)
Society of the Sacred Heart (England and Wales Province) (United Kingdom) – NEW (Nov 2020)
SSM Health (USA)
St Joseph’s Province of the Congregation of the Passion–English Province of the Passionists (UK)
St Mary of the Angels J&P Group (UK)
St.Joseph Church (India) – NEW (Nov 2020)
St.Patrick Missionary Society (Ireland)
Steyler Ethik Bank (Germany)
Technologies for the Economical Development (Lesotho) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis (Cameroon)
The Catherine Donnelly Foundation (Canada)
The Global Catholic Climate Movement (Italy)
The Mission Congregation of the Servants of the Holy Spirit (Global, General Curia)
The Order of St Augustine – Irish Province (Ireland)
The Passionists–Holy Spirit Province (Australia, NZ, PNG and Vietnam)
The Sisters of St Andrew in England (United Kingdom) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Trees for Uganda (Uganda)
Trocaire (Ireland)
Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (International)
University of Dayton (USA)
Ursulines of Chatham (Canada)
Vasco de Quiroga: Presencia en el Siglo XXI (Mexico) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Vicariaat Vlaams-Brabant – Mechelen (Belgium)
Welzijnszorg (Belgium)
Wheaton Franciscan Sisters, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (USA)
World Apostolate of Fatima (Pakistan)
World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations (Italy) – NEW (Nov 2020)
YouFra Uganda (Uganda) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Žít Laudato si’ Česká republika (Czech Republic) – NEW (Nov 2020)
Zusters van de Bermhertigheid (Belgium)
Zusters van Maria (Belgium)

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Re: Roman Climate Change Agenda
« Reply #2 on: Fri Jul 23, 2021 - 21:17:45 »

Quoted article below from link above.

Why we should follow Catholic Church on climate change

Just the words “climate change” are now, most unfortunately, two highly politicized words. But not for the Catholic Church, where the popes have advocated for action on the issue for many years.

Though I am not Catholic, I became interested in the church’s climate change education programs after learning of the many sustainability initiatives at DeSales University in Center Valley and Villanova University, both Catholic colleges.

The leaders of the Catholic Church are true global visionaries. This environmental crisis is the greatest threat to the world today, and the main culprits are fossil fuels, frequently alluded to in their sermons.

As a result of greenhouse gas emissions, we see horrific consequences such as wildfires, flooding, extinctions, food shortages and droughts, to name a few. The underprivileged and poor usually fare the worst, and the popes have been well aware of this tragic reality.

People of faith are often skeptical of the scientific community and vice-versa. The faithful need to understand the science on global warming such as that put forth by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In October of 2018, it stated that we have 12 years to curb the greenhouse effect before certain aspects become irreversible. Likewise, the science community needs faith groups to inspire us on how to live on this planet together in harmony.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, our popular pope, took St. Francis of Assisi’s name as his papal name. St. Francis of Assisi, who lived from 1181 to 1226, is the patron saint for ecologists. Yesterday and today, both are deeply concerned for the care of Mother Earth and the poor as moral imperatives. We could say that the first St. Francis was the first environmental visionary.

More than 50 years ago, Pope Saint John XXIII explained in his encyclical that “we are faced with global environmental deterioration.”

In 1971, Pope Paul VI, in an apostolic letter, wrote of “the tragic consequences of unchecked human activity.”
In 1990, Pope John Paul II, in his World Day of Peace message, relayed that “the ecological crisis is a moral issue.” He wrote of the harmful long-term effects that fossil fuels have had on the ecosystem. He mentioned the harm being done to the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect.

Pope Benedict XVI was nicknamed “The Green Pope.” In his World Day of Peace message in 2010, he advised that “If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.” He is still advocating for action to remediate this climate emergency of today.

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote his second encyclical letter entitled “Laudato Si'.” From May 16-24 of this year, there was a nine-day global campaign celebrating the theme “Everything is Connected.”

The pope’s “Laudato Si'” urges the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to take action against the injustice of climate change. It calls for care of our common home, Earth, and to protect the poor and future generations. He also writes, “We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil-fuels needs to be progressively replaced without delay.”

Today Catholics teach the St. Francis Pledge that implores them to “care for creation and the poor and join the Catholic Climate Covenant.” This organization was founded in 2006 with the support of the U.S. Catholic bishops to encourage Catholics to better understand authentic Catholic teaching on climate change.

Its declaration calls for a return to the Paris Agreement. It addresses the problem of excess greenhouse gas pollution and the reality of human-forced climate change. The Franciscan Action Network also increases awareness among lay Catholics about these issues.

The Catholic Church is laser-focused on climate action so they will be ready to act when more legislation becomes visible.

One of the best current climate bills is HR 763, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, put forth by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. With 81 co-sponsors, it places a fee on fossil fuel emissions and returns these fees to Americans as a monthly dividend. This would be implemented much like the current stimulus package distributed during this uncharted pandemic.

There is still a minority of Catholics who do not buy this urgency, but I hope to have shown how integral education on environmental issues and action is to the Catholic Church of today.
We should all follow its lead if we want a livable world in the not too far future.