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Who gave the law of Moses?
« on: Fri Dec 06, 2019 - 20:23:29 »

Who gave “the Law of Moses”?

Who gave “the Law of God”?


"This Ezra went up from Babylon. And he was a ready scribe in the LAW OF MOSES which the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL HAD GIVEN." (Ezra 7:6).


“And when they brought out the money that was brought
into the house of the Lord, Hilkiah the priest found a book of the LAW OF THE LORD GIVEN BY MOSES." (2 Chron. 34:14)

What was written in the Book of the law just prior to the dedication of those writings as the covenant? 


And Moses wrote all the words of the Lord, and rose up early in the morning, and builded an altar under the hill, and twelve pillars, according to the twelve tribes of Israel....

And Moses took the blood, and sprinkled it on the people, and said, Behold the blood of the covenant, which the Lord hath made with you concerning all these words.
Exodus 24:4,8

When Moses wrote “all the words of the Lord“ as described in Exodus 24:4,8, Moses wrote the words of Exodus 20 as part of the words of the Lord.

When “all the words of the Lord“ were dedicated as “the words of the covenant”, the words of Exodus 20 were Dedicated as part of the covenant along with the words of Exodus 21, Exodus 22, and Exodus 23.

It was only after Moses completed writing all the words of the Lord and dedicating the Lords covenant with blood that God summoned Moses to go up the mountain and receive the tables of the covenant.

Exodus 34:27, 28 Specifies that the words of the covenant where are the words of the decalogue (The word Decalogue means the 10 words and comes from the original Hebrew word used which does not mean “Commandments”.)

According to Exodus 24:1 - 8 and Exodus 34:27, 28 there is no division in the law between the words of Exodus 20 and the rest of the law that was written in the book.

Every time Jesus addresses the law he does not address supposedly separated components of the law.

Jesus only mentions “the law”.  It is the same with all of the apostles.

While Jesus and the apostles both cited specific commands that were contained in the law they never differentiated those commands based on different divisions.