Author Topic: Removing the "Filth" from my life help  (Read 624 times)

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Removing the "Filth" from my life help
« on: Sun Aug 11, 2013 - 02:58:40 »
 ::frown::Hi i'm new to this forum an let me say that I was very relieved to see when I looked at the forum that many of you are/have struggled with same issues as I currently am. It let's me know i'm not weird (well most of the time lol) I gave my life to the Lord at 13 and now I'm 20; I never struggled with things like sex, drugs an other teen dilemma's until I got in my late teens (18-20) It's embarrassing to say In these past years I've struggled with explicit internet searches (porn) I'm in college, single an naturally I was attracted to a few college girls last year except my intentions were misplaced because of the filth I had in my life. I began to believe that relationships worked like the filth (if that makes since) an I only had sexual desires w/ these women instead of wanting a christian fellowship/relationship. I didn't end up dating either of them an I believe the Lord was waiting on me to remove those desires/filth from my heart. It's about to be a new school year and since last year I've felt the Lord moving in my heart an now i'm ready to remove those things on the internet from my life because I'm feeling pretty confident about this year an if I'm in a position to date that I have Pure intentions for the relationship an not sexual. I've asked God to deliever me from that filth I was into an so far it's been an uneasy process breaking those bad habits of what I was watching. I understand that the Christian Marriage is not based on sex but I would like help as I continue to overcome the filth I have in my life and to talk w/ others that may be like me. Thanks