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01-04-2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Pray and Listen” Psalm 25:1-5

Listening to the voice of God. We have to hear, pay attention and listen to what God says to us. Our scripture says show me, teach me and lead me to the Lord.  The psalmist is saying to God to lead and show us the best way to go. In the past God spoke to his people through the prophets and/or individual signs like visions to certain people He wanted to speak to. But today God speaks to us through His Son Jesus Christ and His Word.

Jesus is God’s message to us. Jesus is the Word. Jesus’s character is how we should try to be. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. God raised up Jesus to be a Word for us to follow. Also, the Lord sent us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.  God said He will put His law in our hearts and minds. God will open doors for us to go through and He will never leave us or forsake us. God will sometimes open the window but close the door.

We must trust God and Jesus ALWAYS!! We should do what the Lord says and walk by FAITH. How do we determine Gods will today? We do what the apostles did. Pray and Pray and Listen and Listen and then Pray and Pray. Then move on to do what the Lord said to do. The Bible says “Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened”. Pray until you get the answer from God. If you want to know the will of God, READ HIS WORD!! But you must also take your needs to the Lord in prayer. Mean it when you pray it. Do whatever God says even when it’s not what you really wanted.

The Holy Spirit will lead you to the way that God and Jesus want you to go. The Holy Spirit will push you toward one way and stop you from going another way. This is what happened to Paul when he was traveling and preaching. The Holy Spirit told him to go to Macedonia but not to go to Asia. LISTEN to the Spirit!! Spiritual guidance may not always be the easiest way but we are to do the P= U= S= H.  Pray Until Something Happens.


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