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10-31-2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Spread the Seed of the Word” Luke 8:4-18

One of the most beloved artist is Norman Rockwell. Many like his artwork and many don’t like his artwork. Once when he was asked about this, he said the difference in the people is that the modern artists only painted for their own satisfaction and don’t care if others understood what they had painted.

In our text today, the seed was sown everywhere so that the people would hear the Word and understand.  Jesus wanted everyone to understand and for us to not have the attitude of not caring that other people didn’t understand. Jesus said to go and make disciples of the nations and teach them to understand the gospel. Jesus said He taught the people in parables because they would hear but not want to understand. When Jesus explained the parables to the disciples, He was telling of the different kinds of hearts the people would have that the Word, the seed, was spread on.

Jesus said that the disciples are the light that is to shine light into the world. He said that spreading the gospel, the seed, is spreading the Word of God. Jesus said we must spread the Word of God to all people so they will hear of Jesus and accept the good news of Eternal Life. It is up to us to spread the seed of the gospel so all will hear. If we don’t spread the Word then people will not hear and choose to be saved and get Eternal Life. We must tell others of what Jesus had done in our life. The strongest testimony is to tell how Jesus had changed our lives for the better. We must let them know the Gift of God that is in Jesus Christ.

Eternal Life is the Gift that God has given to us. We must spread the Word and be casting the seed of the Kingdom. The seed is the Word of God and there is Power in the Word of God. In Jesus’s parable, the farmer cast his seed all over the place, trusting in the power of the seed to make things grow. The Word of God has power to change lives.  The Lord has invited us to help spread the seed, the Word of God, to all people. Jesus calls us to be stewards of the seed and to be His partners in the building of God’s Kingdom. We are involved in the construction of the greatest Kingdom ever known. We must cast the seed of God’s Word everywhere we go. We have decided to become followers of Jesus Christ and will help spread the seed of the Word of God.


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