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10/24/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” Luke 10:25-37

The question of who is your neighbor was a hot topic in Jesus’ time.  The Jews typically interpreted neighbor as another Jew like themselves. The man who asked Jesus the question, wanted Jesus to explain who was in or out of the circle of neighbors.

In a modern time event, a man in Oakhill, FL went to vacation in Miami, FL. He went to see the sights in Miami. One night he went out and got robbed and beat up by a gang. He was laying on the sidewalk bloody and a Seventh Day Baptist preacher walked by him. Then a Sabbath school teacher walks by him also in fear that the gang might get him too.  Then a stranger, a bar owner with a Biden T-shirt on walked by him and stopped to help him. He didn’t care if he got the man’s blood on his clothes but put him in his car and drove him to the ER at the hospital. This stranger ended up paying the man’s ER hospital bill and also gave the ER his cell phone number to contact him if more money was needed. Your neighbor is ANYONE in need.

Most people think that the majority of people won’t just walk by but this happened in New York City.  A lady was beaten for 90 minutes and her 30 neighbors didn’t help her even though they heard her screams. People think that the people we don’t know are our not our neighbors so we don’t have to help them. We must help everybody no matter who they are. It helps if we define our neighbors as someone we know and also as a stranger we don’t know.

**People Don’t Help Because:

1)   People don’t help others as a neighbor because they don’t know them.

2)   People think they will be used by the person and don’t believe the help they give them will be used wisely.  Many churches give food, groceries and clothes to help people but do not give them money. They don’t give them money so they will not be taken advantage of. One time a man was at my house asking for money to fill his gas tank because he said he was out of gas. I go outside and see his car is running so I didn’t give him any money. Notice the Samaritan didn’t give the money to the man he helped but gave it to the innkeeper. The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself and he that gives to the poor, the Lord will pay him back. Don’t hide yourself from the poor.

3)   People don’t help others as their neighbors because they are selfish:
You need to love your neighbor as yourself. Love them as you love your own body. Love yourself and lover others also. Help your neighbor and don’t be focused on yourself. Loving your neighbor will help you learn to better love yourself.  So if you have a bad concept of yourself and are depressed, then love others, help others and it will lift you up. It will give you a sense of self-worth. When you behave like you love someone, you will eventually love them. Love your neighbor as yourself and don’t pass by them on the other side of the road. Three or four days later after Jesus taught this, He suffers and dies on the Cross for our sins. Jesus refused to let us die by the side of the road in our sins.


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I was at a church service once (not my home congregation) and they practiced the "Billy Graham rule," aka the "Pence Rule," that forbids a man to be alone with any woman who is not his wife or blood relative. (sounds islamic to me) The pastor told the congregation that he was driving way out in the country, miles from the nearest house, when he saw the car of one of the elders beside the road. This was before cell phones.  The elders wife was driving and had broken down, she was stranded. Rather than stopping to help (violation of the Graham rule) he just drove on.  The congregation (including said elder) applauded him. Had he stopped to help it would have been the "appearance of Evil;" meaning they committed adultery.

If I was that elder I would have belted him a good one, pastor or not.