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12-28-19 Alfred Station NY Seventh Day BAPTIST Pastor Ken “God Began a Good Work in You and Will Finish It!” Philippians 1:6

At the time of writing Philippians, Paul was in prison under house arrest. When working through the book of Philippians, we see it was written as a friendship letter to the people in Philippi. This scripture raises the question that Paul wants you to be aware of. He says he is confident of this very thing. Paul is assured and confident of the thing he is getting ready to say to us. That is like a grade school football team going up against a professional football team. You can be confident that the professional football team will win the game.

Paul is confident because he’s got Faith and he’s seen the miracles of God that have been done through him. Also Paul has confidence because the conversions of people to Christianity were real. And also the Philippian church was faithful to help Paul. Plus God keeps His promises! When God starts something, God finishes it!! So….He being God, who began a good work in you, will perform it, complete it and finish it until Jesus comes.

In this passage where it says “He”- this is for God, for His Son Jesus and for the Holy Spirit. The Father sent the son as a baby to grow up and be crucified for our sins.  God sent the Holy Spirit as a gift to us after Jesus was resurrected and went back to Heaven to sit at the right hand of God. The “He” is talking about all three beginning a good work in us. He - God calls ALL things for His purpose. He began a good work in the people of Philippi and He began a good work in us.

God continues the work to make us perfect until the day of Christ Jesus’s return. We have to mature and grow up in God and Jesus.

** G  I  N  F  W  M  Y:  God Is Not Finished With Me Yet!

When Jesus comes back, whether we are still alive or deceased, we ALL be caught up to meet Him in the air. Right now God is not finished with us yet. God will continue the good work in us until Jesus comes.


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