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2/22/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “Being a Citizen of God’s Kingdom” Philippians 1:27-30

A friend will tell you the truth. They will let you know what was said. Definition of a Teacher Sandwich: give a compliment first, then tell them the bad news then finish it with a good compliment. The apostle Paul did this in the book of Philippians. In our text he says he wants our conduct to be worthy of the Gospel. Walking worthy of the Gospel means being a citizen. Being part of the city and Kingdom of God. We are to act like citizens of Heaven. We are in the colony, on an outpost of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Paul says he wants to hear good reports of what the Philippi church is doing. He wants to know the influence the church is having on the city of Philippi. What is your reputation in the community? What are you known for? Paul wanted to hear about this from the church in Philippi. These are the things that Paul wanted the church to have and do.

1)   Stand Firm:
Be in one Spirit and one mind. Have one mind to glorify the Lord.

2)   Striving Together/Side by Side:
Work together having one goal. Be a unit that works together. Have and show Unity.

3)   Don’t Be Afraid of Your Opponents:
Share the faith and don’t be scared when they don’t believe or don’t want you around anymore. Don’t be terrified of your opponent but instead see it as a sign that you are Saved and have Salvation. You will have opponents and when you have them, you can say that God is within you and you are Saved!!

4)   We Have Been Granted the Belief in Jesus Christ:
We are believers in Jesus the Son of God. We have also been granted suffering and tribulations. Jesus said in this world we will have tribulations but be of good cheer because HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD!!  We are suffering in Jesus’ stead. We are suffering for Jesus today when we have people put us down. We are fulfilling the completion of Jesus’s suffering when we suffer for His name.

Paul said he knows what it’s like to suffer in Philippi. When Paul cast out a demon that was in a girl, he was jailed, beat and tortured. In Paul we have someone who knows our pain. Jesus also knows our pain and He is with us. We should sing songs of praise and rejoice in our suffering because we are the Children of God. We are fellow believers in Jesus Christ. We should put our arms around each other and say we are here and will walk with them.


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