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2/29/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day BAPTIST Pastor Ken “Unity” Philippians 2:1-4

Our text today is meant to be heard with both our ears. God gave us ONE mouth and TWO ears so we listen more than we talk. In the scripture, Paul is talking about Unity in the body of Christ. In the Greek, the word “If” means “Since”.

1)   If/Since there is Encouragement in Christ Jesus:

Salvation coming thru Jesus is encouragement for us all. Encouragement means we are to be like cheerleaders to each other. So get your Pom- Poms. Encourage each other, exhort each other and cheer each other on.

2)   If/Since there is Consolation:

This means we are going to get close to our brothers and sisters and pray for them. This consolation happens because we are to love each other, speak and talk with them.

3)   If/Since there is Fellowship in the Spirit:

This means walking in the same way with each other. We are walking in the same way the Holy Spirit takes us. We all believe the Holy Spirit lives in us all. So we all walk together in the same direction as the Holy Spirit takes us.

4)   If/Since there is Affection with thee:

We are to be affectionate and have compassion for our brothers and sisters. Putting ourselves in their place and having empathy, compassion and helping them out.

These four If’s are not If but Since. Since we have these four things that exist in Christ Jesus, they belong to us! We are to keep our eyes on each other and know how well they are doing. We are to be compassionate, prayerful and helpful to each other in Christ. Paul was happy, rejoicing and joyful that the Philippi church had these thing going for it. He wants us to have the same mind, same love, same spirit and to have one purpose in Christ Jesus.

 Paul is saying to think alike because you all have Jesus in you. We all are to have the same spirit in the body of Christ in the Church. We are to be united in the spirit. No backbiting, no gossiping, no ripping apart of the other person. We are to have one Hope and one Purpose. Our Purpose is to Glorify God and Jesus Christ.

Paul says:
** Do nothing thru rivalry. We are not to be rivals. We don’t do anything selfishly.
** Don’t do things thru empty conceits.  Don’t run around going “look at me, look at me”.

We are to look out for the other person before ourselves. Look at the interests of others. Ask them “what can I do for you?” Reach out and look out for the interests of others. This is what Unity should be.


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