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3/21/2020 Alfred Station NY Seventh Day BAPTIST church Pastor Ken “Trust in the Lord” Philippians 2:19-24

In our text, Paul is in prison in Rome and is writing this letter of love to the people of Philippi. He just received a messenger from Philippi telling him of the going ons at the church. This is a friendship letter that Paul is writing to the church. In verse 19 Paul is speaking like he has a pastor’s heart. In chapter one Paul tells us of the spiritual gifts. Paul has the gift of shepherding and this is why he needs to hear about the condition of the church.

Paul wants to be encouraged by the faith and deeds of the church so he’s sending out Timothy to see how the church is doing. Paul’s reasons for sending Timothy are:

1)   Paul is concerned about the FUTURE. In verse 19 he says he hopes in the Lord that in the future he can send Timothy. Timothy is being sent because Paul and Timothy are likeminded and kindred spirits. They think alike and agree with each other in the Lord.

2)   Paul is sending Timothy because he is GENUINELY CONCERNED about the welfare of the Philippi church. Paul feels a kinship with the church like they are brothers & sisters in the family of God.

3)   Paul sent Timothy because others have left him and he only trusts Timothy. Paul has issues with people telling lies and only caring about their self-interests. Paul said that Timothy’s INTERESTS ARE IN CHRIST JESUS.

4)   Paul said Timothy had been PROVEN. How do you prove a Christian? It’s the tests, trials and tribulations that they went through and kept the Faith in the Lord. Jesus said we will have trials and tribulations but be of good cheer because Jesus has overcome the world! Tribulation is the proving for the Christian. God has given us a way of escape so that we can bear it. Tribulation brings about perseverance and character. It proves the character we have as a Christian. It brings Hope and Love to us by the Holy Spirit. The plague we have right now is giving us perseverance and we are getting proven.

5)   Paul says Timothy kept GIVING OUT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. He kept on preaching, telling people of the Gospel of Jesus. He kept on telling of the gift of Salvation and Life through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Timothy took a Stand for the Gospel.

Paul said the Lord Jesus is in charge and after Paul’s trial in Rome, he planned to visit the church in Philippi. Paul had HOPE in the Lord Jesus. Right now we are wondering how we will live and where we will work. Look at Paul’s answer- - The Lord Jesus is in Charge! Trust in the Lord because the Future belongs to Him.

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