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7/31/2021 Seventh Day BAPTIST Edgewater Pastor Keith “Christians Beware and Test the Spirit” I John 4;1-6, I Peter 5;8-9

Christian need to beware of deceiving spirits and examine the scriptures to make sure it is true. Any sprit that does not confess Jesus as Lord and Savior is not of God. There is a spirit of truth and a spirit of error. Be confident when you test the spirit because God is greater. Period.

Testing the Spirit:

Don’t believe every sprit because there are many false prophets. A true prophet speaks by the Holy Spirit. A false prophet pretends to speak by the Holy Spirit but he is speaking for the devil. It’s the bait and switch method. False teachers use biblical words to suck you in but then use false teachings that are not true to the Bible. Study the Word of God and do not believe everything you hear but put it to the test. Test it to what God says in the Bible. Scriptures says that he who keeps God’s commandment is one that knows God.

The basic test is what they believe about Jesus Christ. Do they believe that Jesus is fully God and fully man? Verify every message you hear from people and if the message is truly from God, it will line up with His Word. If they deny the deity of Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, resurrection and His returning to get us, then they are not of God so dump them!  False teachers speak out of worldly wisdom only and speak fables and lies.

We are the sheep of God and Jesus. We follow the voice of the Lord. Jesus told us He has overcome the world. Through Christ, we are overcomers of the world. We must study the Word. The Bible says that greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world. The Holy Ghost, Jesus and God are greater than anything in the world that will come against us. They are greater than any problem, temptation or trauma that comes against us. Those who know God, listen to His voice.