Author Topic: 9/26/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Let Your Light Shine”  (Read 338 times)

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9/26/2020 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Pastor Keith “Let Your Light Shine” Matthew 25:14-30

In Genesis, God created the Sun and the Moon to shine light.  Let your light shine before men is what Jesus is saying in Matthew. He spoke this to everyone not just the disciples. Let your light shine. What if you went into a dark room, flipped the light switch and the light refused to shine? That is its job to shine.  In Matthew 25, Jesus tells of a master giving talents to his servants. He gave to each according to his ability and went on a long journey to a far country. When he returned, the servant with five talents had gained five more. The master said he had done good and wanted him to share in his master’s happiness. Then the servant with two talents came and had gained two more talents. He got the same praise and benefits from his master as the servant with five talents had received.

The lazy servant who had hid the one talent in the earth got scolded by his master and told he should have put the money in the bank to receive interest. The master said to throw the lazy servant out into the darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Remember this if you remember nothing else; whether you consider yourself a light, a talent or a sun, God created you to let your light shine.

Five talent people are the achievers, the “get something done” people. People like Abraham, Moses were five talent people. This is because they were willing to let the Lord direct their lives.  God used them to do His work and these are five talent people. There are five talent people in secular business that are NOT five talent people in the Church. God’s Kingdom business is all that will last and survive.

Two talent people are like the disciple Andrew, Peter’s brother. He was always listed or defined as being Peter’s brother. This is just like when I was a kid and always listed as Kevin’s younger brother Keith. Two talent people are not usually in the spotlight. They should still keep their light shining because it’s the two talent people that help make the five talent people look good. Two talent people are very important and God can make them multiply and be blessed.

One talent people are like the poor widow who could only give a little of her poverty. Also one talent people are like the healed lepers and the healed blind people when they gave their testimonies about Jesus.  They can do great things when they let their lights shine. Just like the little boy who had the small lunch that Jesus used to feed thousands of people.

The parable of the talents means that if we don’t use what God has given us, we won’t have it for very long. Use what God has given you and let your light shine. Just like the sun or moon shine. Just like the lamp, flashlight or candle shine. Let your light shine for the Lord! Shine your light into the darkness whether you are a five talent, a two talent or a one talent person. You are important and have a job to do for the Lord. Let you light shine for God and Jesus Christ.


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