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8/1/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “Thou Shall Not Covet; What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?” Exodus 20:17-18, Philippians 4:13

There is a term called “Keeping up with the Jones”. This means you will do what they do.  If they get an in ground pool in their yard, then you will get an in ground pool too. The Tenth Commandment says to NOT covet what your neighbor has. This Tenth Commandment is in the covenant document that we have with God. This is a universal commandment and that means it is for everyone: Jews, Gentiles, EVERYONE. For the Catholics, the Ten Commandments were re-arranged by Roman emperor Augustine so when you talk about the Ten Commandments, make sure people understand which one you are referring to. Especially when you talk about the Fourth Commandment and the Sabbath Day of Rest.

Lust brings forth Sin and Sin leads to Death. Coveting is lusting and lusting leads to sin. Covet is the next step up from lust. The Tenth Commandment lists all the things you should not covet after: Domestic, Dwelling and Development.

a.   Domestic: Your neighbor’s wife. Don’t covet his wife no matter if she’s clean, beautiful, smart and intelligent. Don’t covet their maid servant either.

b.   Dwelling:  Don’t covet the material parts of their dwelling. What things the neighbor has, is what God has blessed him with. Remember all the blessings God has given us.

c.   Development: The means of production in the Old Testament times were fields, oxen and donkeys. Nowadays, development means computers, jobs or other means of production. People lust, covet over the better computer or the better job that someone else has.

Coveting is a whispering in our ears saying that we want what they have. In the book of Philippians, Paul says to learn how to live in all circumstances whether poor or rich. Learn how to be content in all things. We can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us!!


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