Author Topic: 5-23-2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “Who’s First?”  (Read 242 times)

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5-23-2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “Who’s First?” Exodus 20:3
     ***** **Thou shall have no other god before me!

We should see and meditate on this short scripture that God gives us. In our text God says you shall have no other god before me.  This commandment is universal for everybody. It is for everybody to observe and do. This is part of the covenant document we have with God which are all the Ten Commandments. There is no other god before me means the trinity of God, Jesus and Holy Spirit has God as the only God. God is the only God, the one God, the one Creator, the one Sustainer and the one God that we worship. The warning here is to not put any other god or have any other gods and to worship.

The Devil does not have as much power as God. The devils doesn’t know it all, is not every place at the same time and the devil does not have all power. He can’t be any opposition to our God. So saying the devil made me do is it garbage! The Word says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. At the name of Jesus EVERY knee shall bow because Jesus is Lord.

In the Old Testament when Moses was in the mountain, the people made a golden calf. This calf was not a god. The people worshiped the calf as an opposition to our God in their mind. It was nothing but a manmade golden statue that they bowed down to that had NO power. We as Christians, need to think of other gods that we ourselves have. The god of Family that we believe will protect us. The god of Money that makes us think we are in good standing with God because we have prospered. The god of Status that says we have the right of status so people should look up to us as being better. The god of Piety which is when we thing we are more Christian than others. We think we are better because we go to church, we pray, we read a bible chapter every day and worship faithfully.  We are like the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican at the temple. The Pharisee was uppity. We say like he did that we thank God we are not like that guy over there, the Publican. 

We shall have no other god but God the Father, Jehovah Shalom and the Father of Jesus Christ. We shall have no other gods before God the Almighty! We shall have no other gods in addition to Him or gods in opposition to Him. This is the challenge you and I have today. God said “You shall have no other gods before me”. We need to thank God for His Word and the freedom we have to worship Him.