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5/9/2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day Baptist Pastor Ken “Father Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit” Luke 23:46, Psalm 31:5

“Father into your hands I commend my spirit” is the last thing Jesus said before He gave up the ghost. Today we are looking at four parts: Father, Into your hands, I commend/commit and My spirit.

1)   Father:    Jesus called his father “Father” and not dad or daddy. The Father suffered with Jesus on the Cross and He did not abandon him. We learn that each part of the Trinity had a task to do. The Son died on the Cross but the Father and Holy Spirit were still alive with stuff/tasks to do.
The “Father” term used by Jesus showed that Jesus had respect for God. He called Him father and this is a sign of respect to God. Jesus in His dying moments showed respect.

2)   Into Your Hands:    The hand is made up of many parts: fingers and palms. The Bible talks about the fingers and palms of God.  In Isaiah God said Israel was kept in the palm of God’s hand. Jesus said we are placed into His hand and nothing can take us out of His hand. The hand of God is also a hand of judgement to the wicked and also a hand of blessing to those that are righteous. In Psalm 31:5 it says “into thy hand” and Jesus could have been quoting this scripture to God.

3)   I Commend/Commit:    Jesus is saying He is totally committing himself into the hand of God.  We are being asked to totally commit ourselves to God thru Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus committed and there was no going back for Him. We must be and do the same.

4)   My Spirit:    Jesus is committing His Spirit. The word “Spirit” is written with a big S or a little s but either way Jesus gave it to God and that’s what we need to do! Give God, commit our spirit to Him thru His Son Jesus Christ. We must accept and commit ourselves to Jesus Christ today. Right now because Now is the time.