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Author Topic: Sabbath 4/14/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station NY. Pastor Ken sermon “Power  (Read 227 times)

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Sabbath 4/14/18 Seventh Day Baptist Alfred Station NY. Pastor Ken sermon “Power in the Blood of Jesus” Acts 2:41-42

The elements of the Lord’s Supper – Communion are the bread (body of Jesus) and the wine (blood of Jesus). The covenant is the vertical relationship between us and Jesus. Communion is renewing our covenant relationship. The horizontal covenant is what Acts chap 2 is talking about. The horizontal relationship covenant is our relationship with other people in our groups. The significant word in our text is “Add”. We are to add people to our group. Our group is the church-the body of Christ. In our text, the church had 120 people in it and there was added 3,000 souls to that group. How did they do it?

1)   They Believed his word: Who was he? Peter was preaching about Jesus being raised from the dead. They believed this before being added to the group.

2)   They were Baptized: They had to be baptized and become a part of the group. They were added to the group-the church.

3)   They Broke Bead with one another:  This is them eating dinner at each other’s house and spending time together.

4)   They Prayed together:   This week I want you to find someone that you are in Christian fellowship with and to pray together with them. Pray for their needs and pray for your needs.

In verse 42 is says we should continue in the doctrine-the Word, have fellowship, break bread and pray with each other. These things show how the early church worked and this is how they grew and added people to their church.

When we take the Lord’s Supper, it is not just a vertical covenant but a horizontal covenant too. We come to the Lord, who is taking our brothers and sisters in Christ to Heaven with us. We have a horizontal relationship with them. We will see them in Heaven with the Lord because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.


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