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Sabbath 8/3/19 Seventh Day Baptist Edgewater Minister Marie’s sermon “What Did Jesus Do to Make Decisions?” Matthew 4:1-11

We can learn some great things from Jesus to make great decisions for ourselves. Several times a day we are called to make decisions. Some are little and some are big life changing decisions. Some could be what’s for dinner or will I drive home drunk or will I decide to commit adultery. These decisions can make a big change in one’s life. Many people, when they reach a crossroad in their life, make a bad decision. Making good decisions in life can be hard and sometimes confusing.

Principles from Jesus for Decision Making

1)   Jesus Understood His Purpose:  
We must know our goals and have a sense of purpose for our lives. In Luke 19:10 Jesus knew His purpose and knew what He was here for. Many people wanted to make Jesus a king to overthrow the Roman government. Jesus knew this was not part of His purpose so He didn’t do it. Jesus did not allow a hurried decision to make a change in His life purpose.

2)   Jesus Heeded God’s Word:
More than twenty times Jesus said “It is written” and He quoted scriptures from God’s Word, word for word.
*Vs 4 =   Jesus said it is written, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.

*Vs 7 =   Jesus said it is written, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.
*Vs 10 = Jesus said it is written, thou shall worship God only.

When Satan came to tempt Jesus, Jesus used the Word of God to chase Satan off. Most bad decisions can be avoided by heeding and listening to God’s Word.

3)   Jesus Considered Others Before Himself:
Jesus would put other people’s needs first. Many times He healed the people’s sick children that were brought to him. Many of us feel tired but we must unselfishly help other people.

4)   Jesus Honored God’s Will:
Jesus said He did what God told Him to do. Whatever the Father told Jesus to say or do, that’s what He did. Jesus did and said the will of God. In many scriptures, Jesus said all that He was doing was what God had told Him to do. Jesus did as the Father willed Him to do. You will never go wrong by honoring God’s will.

5)   Jesus Spent a Lot of Time in Prayer to God:
Jesus went to God in prayer before He made decisions. We need to go to God in prayer before we make decisions. Don’t go to God AFTER we make a decision then ask God to bless it. Go to God in prayer BEFORE we make a decision because God knows what’s best for us.