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The deadly cost of rebellion (part 2) Num 16
« on: Sun Jun 13, 2021 - 12:31:51 »
PARASHA: “Korach” (Korah)

NUMBERS 16:1-18:32………….1 SAM 11:14-12:22……………LUKE 19:1-20:47

     This study is about a Levite named “Korach” and a few of his friends; Dathan and Abiram, and they got together with 250 other guys and they “Rose up in the face of Moshe”.  Now, this for sure is NOT a friendly gathering, they did not come to Moshe to say; “Yo Moe, Wuz Up?”  No, is was a REBELLION! Pride and arrogance had filled the hearts of these men and now they questioned Moshe’s authority.

     We can’t seem to understand why, after Moshe led them through the wilderness, went up Har Sinai, received the commandments, interceded for the whole people on various occasions so that God would not destroy them, now want to question Moshe’s leadership calling.  Guess we can call it just that, “blind arrogance and the will to do “their own thing.” They came against Aaron and Moshe with the following words;

     “Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and YHVH is among them; wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the assembly of YHVH?” (16:3)

     The words “congregation” and “assembly” are one in the same “Kahal” (Qof, Hey, Lamed) “behold there is holiness in instruction” That is what every single congregation should be all about, be the congregation a Sunday honoring church or a Sabbath honoring Messianic Synagogue, we are all ONE body in MESSIAH YESHUA, dedicated to receive instruction from the Torah through Adonai’s chosen vessels.

     “Holiness” or “Kodesh” means we are “separated” unto YHVH by our life-styles and through our acceptance of Yeshua as our LORD and Savior.  Studying the Word of God and applying it to our lives increases our maturity in the faith.

     Now, here’s a question, was Korah right by saying that “all the congregation are holy, and that YHVH was with them?” Yes, he was absolutely right!

     “You shall be unto me a holy nation and a kingdom of priests” (Exodus 19:5) There was nothing wrong with that statement, because it is a TRUE statement.  Today, every born-again believer is as a “priest” we have access to the Throne of Grace, just like the priests of old went before the people in the Tabernacle and later on, in the Holy Temple to make intercession before YHVH.

      Through Yeshua, we have intercession before a Holy God.  What was WRONG, was that they questioned Aaron and Moshe’s authority by saying; “wherefore lift ye up yourselves above the Kahal of YHVH?”

      The truth is, that they did NOT lift themselves up over the “Kahal Yisrael” it was ADONAI who lifted THEM UP!  It was YHVH who ordained them as leaders to lead the flock of Israel.  In every organization, there has to be a leader or leaders.  In every business, there is an owner, president, a manager, assistant managers, shift leaders, and the workers.  All of them have “value” yet they need to be led by leaders, or the business will topple over, and the workers scatter like sheep without a shepherd.  In the church/synagogue setting, there has to be a pastor or rabbi, assistant pastor and associate rabbi or rabbis, then, we have the Sunday School teachers, Torah teachers, youth workers, children’s ministry, music and worship leaders and assistants, secretaries, finance officers, etc.…

     ALL have MUCH VALUE in ministry, for that reason, we are given the spiritual gifts to make the Body of Messiah work and run like a well-oiled machine.  YET, when rebels come and want to disrupt the congregation, disaster can happen, and that is what the enemy “HaSatan” wants, yet before that happened, YHVH had to step in and deal with the situation at hand.  In all, we have 250 plus Korah, Dathan, and Abiram that are causing the rebellion.  A rebellion that could have spread to a few million Kahal members, “Kol HaKahal Yisrael” (to ALL the congregation of Israel).

     YHVH has them to bring their censors and put incense and fire in them and bring them before the Mishkan.  YHVH will settle the matter once and for all.  Remember that the censor, incense, and fire symbolize our prayers that ascend to Adonai. Moshe in a way is saying; “LORD, YOU decide who you want to lead, and be high priest!”

     Adonai answered in a very frightening way.  But before that, Moshe pointed out to Korah that he was already appointed to serve in the tabernacle, intercede before the people, yet, Korah was not satisfied, he wanted even MORE, to be priest, and perhaps even “High Priest”.  There could have been a way of asking about a “promotion” (sort of saying) Korah could have approached Moshe and have Moshe ask God about perhaps promoting him to priesthood, in a humble and respectful way, yet Korah was defiant.

     Korah’s defiance led to a rebellion, and the rebellion led to destruction.  Not only the destruction of Korah, but also of those who followed him.  In Hebrew, the words “Korach” which symbolizes “Rebellion” and “Sh’dad” which means “destruction” are related, because they both have the same numeric value in Hebrew gematria  “308”.  Korah’s rebellion led to destruction.

     As we read on, the “earth opened up” and swallowed up Korah and his household.  HOWEVER, God did not punish the righteous members of Korah’s family.  Remember that the “Sons of Korah” wrote some of the Psalms.  He had some sons that were against their father’s rebellion, and they were saved.  Just as we remember the plea of Abraham concerning Sodom and Gomorra, “Far be it that YHVH should destroy the righteous with the wicked” so Adonai sent an Angel to take Lot and his family out of Sodom, but just as Lot’s sons-in-law and his wife perished, saving only Lot and his two daughters, some of the sons of Korah were saved, and the rest of the family went down into Sheol.

     Then we see that Adonai wipes out all the 250 rebels, cleans the slate! No more rebels, may that be a lesson for those who would want to challenge Adonai or his appointed ones.  However, is there a time when God’s leaders can be challenged?  I would say that if a leader or leaders are teaching lies, false doctrines, and leading the people AWAY from God, teaching that there are “many ways” to God, and that Yeshua is NOT enough, THEN…that leader needs to stop and think what he or she is doing, if others of the Kahal bring this to their attention, it should be done in a humble, respectful way, not in a rebellious way.

     We must be reminded of what 1 Peter 2:13-15 says:  “”Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man”, “or unto governors” “So is the will of God” God has appointed them to lead us.

     We ALL have a place in ministry, we are all vessels of VALUE. Yet all vessels have a maker, and that maker is YHVH, and he always chooses a certain vessel or vessels to lead the others, we must all come under that leadership, lift up that leadership, uphold those hands of leadership through support and prayer.  Who knows, maybe Adonai will choose YOU as an appointed leader!

1 SAMUEL 11:14-12:22

     We see in this study, that the same thing happens.  In the previous story, Korah rejects or questions Moshe’s authority, here, in Samuel, the people want a human king over them.  Even though the Prophet pleads with the people, Adonai speaks up and tells Samuel, “They have not rejected you, but me”

     Adonai gives the people what they want, a human king, a king with weaknesses and strengths, the first king was a bad choice, the people looked at Shaul’s physical appearance, yet as we read on, he failed to serve Adonai, disobeyed God’s instructions through Shmu’el.  Finally, another king was selected, David Ben Jessie.

     This time, a king was selected whose heart was with God.  Be very careful what we ask for, we might get it and then not want it.  Rex Humbard once said it like this:  “God may give you want you want, but you might not want what you get!”

LUKE 19:1-20:47

     The passage starts out with Yeshua entering Jericho, Zacchaeus was there but since he was small in stature, he climbed up a Sycamore tree.  Yeshua saw him and gave him the order;

     “Zacchaeus, come hurry and come down, for today I must stay at your house” Now Zacchaeus could have refused, and told Yeshua to go someplace else, or might have thought himself not worthy to receive the Messiah in his house, but we know that he DID come down and he DID open the doors of his house to receive MASHIACH.

     Yeshua responds with these words; “Today YESHUAH has come to this house” And it was a fact indeed, “Yeshua” did come into his house, and as a result, Zacchaeus repented of his ways and wanted to right the wrong he had been doing, so, “Yeshuah” (Salvation) DID come to his house (a little play on words).

    God will ask us, (not so much tell us) “May I come into your house and be your LORD and GOD?”

If we decide to open the doors of our heart, mind, and soul and invite HIM IN, then, HE will come IN and be OUR SAVIOR AND LORD.

          A repentant sinner shows signs of repentance, changed heart, changed ways, and you, have you come down from your “tall tree” and humbled yourself and have opened the door of your flesh and spirit house to allow HIM to come in?


Shabbat Shalom……Ben Avraham   

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