Author Topic: 03-14-2020 Seventh Day BAPTIST Edgewater FL Pastor Keith “Why Do You Fear?”  (Read 201 times)

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03-14-2020 Seventh Day BAPTIST Edgewater FL Pastor Keith “Why Do You Fear?” Matthew 8:23-27

In this day of government corruption, racial injustice, diseases/viruses and drug overdoses- today’s grade school children are more afraid then the children of the 1950’s. Today children are afraid of divorce, being mugged and of pollution.

In our text Jesus asks the disciples “why are they fearful”? A storm rose up in the sea while they were all in the boat. Jesus was asleep and the disciples were afraid of the storm and woke Him up. Jesus calmed the storm and then asked the disciples why were they afraid. This story reminds us that disciples and followers of Christ will have troubles and fears. We need to discover Jesus in the midst of the storm and be at peace with Him.

Jesus didn’t just nod off. He had knowledge of the coming of the storm and went to sleep anyway. The disciples woke Him up in fear and asked Jesus if He cared about the storm and them perishing in it. Fear makes people lose confidence and say or do things without Faith. These disciples are the men who saw Jesus heal people, feed thousands and raise people from the dead. Fear and dread makes people forget the power of Jesus and what He can do. Fear makes us forget the goodness of God and what He has already done and can do. Fear makes us have doubts.

Jesus always said Fear Not! He always said don’t be afraid, have no fear, take courage and don’t worry. God and Jesus are with us to protect and deliver us. Jesus got up and commanded the seas and wind to be calm. Then Jesus asks the disciples why were they fearful. Our Lord is in control and holds us close while the storm runs wild. Fear will always knock on our door but just don’t let it in for dinner!! We need to live by our Faith in God and remember we can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens us!!!