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5-16-2020 Alfred Station Seventh Day BAPTIST Pastor Ken “Prologue to Ten Commandments” Exodus 20:1-2

Exodus 20 are the Ten Commandments and we are looking at it because it’s in the Bible. The 2nd reason is that because of the times we are in with the plague/coronavirus, these Ten Commandments give us the set of rules our laws were based on. Many court rooms have the 10 commandments on their walls. They give our nation its stability and also they are recognizable =Honor your father and mother =Thou shall not kill = Thou shall not steal.  The Ten Commandments are universal and this is another reason why we are looking at them today.

When we look at the Old Testament we must remember the time period of the happenings and events in it. Remember back then there was no computer, no internet and no cell phone. We must look at the beliefs of that culture. This culture had kings that when they took over countries, they made covenants, agreements and rules for how the people were to behave. In Exodus 20:1-2 God says He is the God who brought you out of slavery. After this, all of the following commandments say what the people are supposed do since God saved them and took over.

Our text says that God is their Lord who brought them out of slavery/bondage. The word Lord is capitalized and this means it is there for the protection of the sacred name of God. When Moses was at the burning bush and he asked God who to say was sending him, God said “I AM” is sending you. YWH sent you. I AM that I AM, the ever existing has sent you.  Your God.

God was personal to the Israelites and God wants to be personal with you. He brought them out of the land of Egypt as slaves. They were government slaves of Pharaoh and they cried unto the Lord who put forth His strong right arm to save them. God sent 10 plagues upon Egypt until the Israelites were released. We all know that God’s deliverance comes because of God’s promises to us. In Romans 5:8, God showed His love to us in that while we were still sinners, Jesus Christ died for us.

The Ten Commandments are universal and the tablets of stone were written by the Finger of God. These tablets were placed in the mercy seat and are universal. Jesus quoted out of the Ten Commandments to His followers and this shows that they are universal.  Jesus spoke about NOT committing murder or adultery and these rules are found in the Ten Commandments. Jesus shows us that the Ten Commandments are universal for you and me today. In the scripture it says the Israelites were brought out of slavery-the house of bondage. We are brought out of slavery to sin. In Romans 6 we are set free by Jesus Christ. There is now no condemnation to those who are in Jesus. They who walk after the Spirit and NOT after the flesh. You and I have been redeemed from the house of bondage and got free from sin. These Ten Commandments give us a view of what God expects of us and how He wants us to walk as His special children. The Ten Commandments are not just laws or just a legal system or a list we have to check off. They are here to teach us how we ought to live.