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Oh Brother!
« on: Wed May 26, 2021 - 09:54:33 »
Solly, Abe and Barney Levin, three brothers, all emigrate to different countries.
Solly goes to London, Abe to New York, and Barney to Sydney. They agree to honor their brotherhood by having a drink for each other every week.
So Solly goes to the same pub every Monday and orders three beers, one for each of them, and he quietly sits in the corner enjoying this ritual whilst thinking of his brothers.
This goes on for years. All the regulars get to know Solly and understand why he orders three beers at the same time every week.
One Monday, Solly comes to the pub and orders only two beers. All the regulars are really worried something has happened to one of Solly’s brothers.
Eventually the barman goes up to Solly and says, he is so sorry, did something happen to one of your brothers?
No,  replies Solly, I decided to give up drinking.